“You females do not know what you are asking. There is a reason we are trying to protect you. Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils and we have made the choice that we feel is best for you. We never consulted each other on how to deal with this situation so for me to see that we all made the same decision, to not let the horror we watched touch you, tells me that it must be the right decision.”

Peri started clapping slowly as she walked over to the females and turned to face the guys.

“Well said, Decebel. However I can’t decide if that’s the most caring thing I’ve ever heard from you or the dumbest.” Her eyes lost her twinkling playfulness as she confronted them. “You see, when I hear you say that the majority making the same choice must mean it’s the right one, what I really hear is, hi I’m Decebel and I’m a total dumb ass.”

Jen growled at the Fae. She didn’t like others insulting her mate. Only she was allowed that privilege.

“Pipe down, prego chick,” Peri quipped. “Decebel you cannot believe that crap. If your logic is correct then we should all condone underage drinking, minors getting it on like rabbits, and thinking that reality TV shows are good forms of entertainment. By your logic, Alpha, when your daughter is seventeen and boy crazy it will be okay for her bear her lady bits because the majority of her friends are doing it.”

Decebel took a menacing step towards her, his amber eyes glowing dangerously.

“Uh, Peri, not really helping,” Jen snapped.

Peri watched the seething Alpha as he glared at her. She could see that her words had hit a nerve and that’s what she had intended to do.

“Okay, as much fun as this has been, we need to be on our way.” She looked one last time at the males. “Just a suggestion from one bad ass to another, it would not be smart for you to touch your women. So don’t even try it.”

Chapter 12

“Sometimes changed circumstances make a decision, even a decision that seemed liked such a good idea at the time, suddenly look really, really dumb. Now the question at that moment becomes, do you fess up and say hey, maybe I shouldn’t have done that? Or do you stick to your guns, even if swallowing your pride might end up saving your backside? You would think there was an easy cut and dry answer to that question—not if you’re mated to pigheaded werewolves.” ~ Jacque

Mona stood over the scrying bowl as she sought out the exact location of her escaped prey. She had considered just letting them be for now, knowing they would be coming for her at some point, no matter how foolish that decision was. Then her pride had stepped up and she realized that if she didn’t exact some sort of revenge, she would appear weak. She closed her eyes as she pushed out her will, allowing the magic of the scrying to show her where they were. Her lips pulled up into an evil smirk when she finally located them.

“There you are, little wolfies,” she murmured, as she watched them in her mind’s eye.

She watched as the females stood across from their mates with Peri in front of them, appearing to confront them. Maybe the escape was not necessarily a bad thing if it was causing strife between mates.

“Now, what to do with you,” she said, as she tapped her blood red lips with her finger. She had allowed the males to be tormented, to watch horrendous things, things that hadn’t been real. Now, what would it do to them if they really did see something happen to their mates?

“Hmm, this has potential.” Her power had continued to grow and natural laws that once bound her were no longer obstacles to the dark magic she wielded. Mona reached into the forest, seeking out the dark creatures that lurked in the shadows. She drew energy from them, pulling it inside of her in order to shape it to her will. She weaved a spell as her mind and body felt drunk on the rush of power.

“Earth, water, wind, and fire,

Hear me now, feel my desire.

I call on your forces and your ancient power,

Rumble, blow, burn, and shower.

Let no female leave unharmed,

All males desperate and alarmed.

Every step will pulse with pain,

Every cry will be for his name,

Let fire come between each one,

Until they, fall and I have won.

Her eyes flashed open as she felt the power leave her body, the spell riding on the wind. It would grow in power as it sought out its quarry. Owing to the size and power of the spell, it would take some time before it reached her prey.

Mona let out a deeply, satisfying breath and wiped her hands on her clothes. “Well, I’ve threatened a pixie, plotted with a traitorous Fae, and will soon hear the screams of the wolves. If that isn’t freaking awesome, I don’t know what is.”

“Who are you speaking to?”

The deep voice made Mona jump as she whirled around, ready to defend herself. A heart stopping shot of fear ripped through her as she stared, wide eyed at the one before her.

“How did you get in here?” She asked, after she had pushed the fear away and reminded herself of whom she was. But, that didn’t change the reality of the individual who was standing before her. This is bad, she thought to herself, very, very bad.


Sally’s eyes watered as she desperately tried to focus on anything but the pain, which had become a constant companion as she fought her need to be with Costin. He was behind her with all the other males and she could feel his eyes on her, burning a hole in the back of her head. She could feel him willing her to turn around, to come back to him. And she wanted to so very badly.

“How’re you holding up?” Jen asked, matching Sally’s pace as they continued trekking through the mountains.

Sally gritted her teeth and composed herself before she spoke.

“I’m dealing,” she finally answered.

“Do you think we’re doing the right thing?”

Sally’s brow wrinkled as she looked at Jen in surprise. “You’re having doubts?”

Jen shrugged. “We’re not the only ones hurting. Dec is in more pain now, than when I died.”


“I think because I’m rejecting what was determined for us before we were ever created. I belong by his side and I’m choosing to deny him that.”

Sally frowned. “Not to sound childish or anything but they denied us first. There are consequences to every action Jen, and their action to keep their mates out has brought on this consequence. It’s up to them to fix it.”

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