Jen grinned at her and Sally saw the gleam in her eyes.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?”

Jen gave a little nod of her head. “I could tell you were really struggling and so I thought maybe you needed reminding of why we are doing this. Decebel is relentless, pushing on my mind, and I honestly don’t think he is using his full power because I’m pregnant.”

“Are you hurting?” Sally asked.

Jen’s mouth tensed just before she spoke. “Badly.” Then as only Jen could do, she pushed away the pain and sought out a way to ease the tension. “So I was examining my mate’s oh so encouraging words from earlier. He said that we had given ourselves to them in every way, basically. Because of that fact, then we no longer can make our own choices. I found a loop hole.”

Sally laughed as she shook her head. “Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the loop hole?”

“You,” Jen grinned. “I thought about Crina and Elle, and they may very well fit into that category as well. However, I don’t really know their business like I know yours.”


“Sally, my little wall-flower, you haven’t given your body, as B so eloquently put it, to your mate. You’ve completed the Blood Rites, but that is only one of the ingredients in the mixed drink that is bonding.”

“So,” Sally drew the word out, waiting for Jen to elaborate.

“Oh good grief woman, I’m saying that according to Dec’s jacked up idea of independent thinking, you my dearest, are still allowed such a liberty.”

Sally laughed and though the pain didn’t leave, for that brief moment in time, it wasn’t consuming her.

She heard a growl and a powerful push as Costin shoved his way into her mind.

“It will be remedied as soon as this ridiculous tantrum of yours is over.”

Sally’s mouth dropped open and she couldn’t believe he had just said that to her. She whipped around to look at him, and refused to give him the intimacy he was trying to force by using their bond.

“Are you seriously talking about making love to me while calling me childish in the same sentence?” Sally watched in satisfaction as Costin’s eyes began to glow. She had struck a nerve and maybe it shouldn’t have, but, damn, it felt good.

“Sally,” he started, but Sally cut him off.

“I’m not real experienced in this aspect of a relationship, but I’m pretty sure calling your mate childish is NOT the way to go about getting some.”

Jen coughed on a laugh and watched as not only Costin’s face contorted in anger, but all of the males. She just couldn’t resist this one.

“And by getting some she means tail,” she paused and just in case their hazed over brains didn’t register it she said it again a little slower. “Getting—some—tail. You know, because we’re wolves?” Jen looked around and when she noticed Crina grinning she smiled, “I knew someone appreciated my sense of humor.””

The look on Decebel’s face told her that if he could touch her in that moment he probably would have throttled her. She smiled to herself as she enjoyed the rage she brought out in him. Rage meant emotion, passion, and need. Maybe if she pushed just a little more he would finally let her in.

“Sally this is…” Costin took a step towards her but she was done listening. She turned on her heel and continued at a pace slightly faster than before.

Two long, and extremely frustrating days later…

Night had fallen more quickly Peri noticed and the hairs on the back of her neck rose. They'd finally stopped to make camp, though she hadn’t wanted to, because they were within a day, day and half tops, from the Romanian mansion. She had considered several times calling and just having one of those blasted males come get them, but she knew that would be a blood bath waiting to happen. So, because of the possessive, stubborn, albeit almost broken, werewolves, they got the wonderful experience of nearly running through the Carpathian Mountains . She watched as the males prepared the camp, gathering wood for a fire, and laying out pallets, all the while darting glances at their mates.

Jacque tried to keep her eyes from Fane, but since she had laid eyes on him from her window, her gaze had been for him and him alone. At one point, as she was empting her pack, she swore she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck and she had to bite her lip to hold back a moan. When she had turned to look at him, he had been on the other side of the fire, with an all too knowing smirk on his face. She had narrowed her eyes at him and, being the mature woman that she was, shot him the bird. She realized her mistake when he was suddenly in front of her, still not able to touch her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t affect her.

“Is that an offer, Luna? All you have to do is ask. Ask me baby.” His voice was a purr that made her shiver clear down to her toes. She hadn’t realized that she had been leaning towards him until Jen’s voice broke through the lust induced fog.

“Walk away from the sex on a stick Jacque,” Jen’s voice carried authority brought on by her Alpha status and it was almost enough to make Jacque obey—almost.

When she didn’t move she watched a triumphant smirk tug at his full, bitable lips.

“JACQUE!” Jen snarled. “I know it’s tough sweetie, believe me, I know how badly you want his hands on you, and his lips and his tongue and…”

“Jen!” Sally smacked her friend's shoulder.


“Get to the point.” Sally rolled her eyes.

“Right, Jacque,” she started again, “as I said very truthfully, I know it’s hard.” Jen paused as she bit her lip. “Do you have any idea what I could do with that statement?” Jen groaned throwing her arms in the air.

“Jen, focus honey,” Sally tried a little more softly.

Jen nodded. “I’m good, I got this. Jacque, if you give in now, for the next hundred years every time you tell him no he’s going to be pulling up your skirt.”

That got Jacque’s attention. She pulled her eyes from Fane’s smoldering gaze and turned to look at Jen. The other girls around her were covering mouths attempting to keep laughter at bay.

“Did you just say…?”

Jen nodded. “Yes, yes I did. If he knows that rocking your world, well technically it would be your bed,” Jen tapped her cheek with a finger, “or the couch, or the kitchen table…”