“The underworld? She wants you to open the veil to the underworld.” Thalion ran a hand across his face and for a brief moment, he looked much older than his young face portrayed.

Cypher nodded.

“What has changed?” Thalion asked.

Cypher’s eyes fell on Lilly and softened when she smiled at him.

“Ahh,” Thalion drew out. “So Lilly is the mate?”

“My mate,” Cypher emphasized.

“Tell him the really good part, your majesty.” Lilly’s voice was dry and dripped with obvious irritation.

Cypher growled. “There is a slight problem. I made a blood oath with the witch.”

Cyn was shaking her head. Even though she had heard the news already, it was apparent that she felt it just as stupid as the first time she heard.

“You made a blood oath with a witch?”

“That is what I said,” Cypher barked.


“I was desperate. It’s no excuse, but it is the truth.”

“The truth sucks,” Lilly, said with a sigh.

“Now, that I’m mated, I am unsure of how the spell will work, or how it might affect Lilly. It is also very important that I know how to quickly close the veil once it’s opened. I was hoping my brother would shed some light on the situation, but it seems that he is still a tad cross with me about our past.” Cypher explained.

“A tad cross?” Lilly asked, incredulously. “He released a giant dragon on us. I’d hate to see what he’d do if he was really angry.” Lilly pursued her lips and stared at Cypher.

“Not helpful, little one.”

“Not trying to be, big one.”

Thalion held up a hand to stop the bickering of the two mates.

“The warlocks are not the only ones with the knowledge necessary to open the veil to the underworld.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” Cypher glanced at Cyn.

“You didn’t ask,” she defended.

“Haven’t you people ever heard of information that is ‘need to know,’” Lilly asked? “Cyn, sweetie, that is information that is need to know, and should have been offered up without being asked.”

Cyn nodded towards Thalion. “Hey, the prince of the elves knows how to open the veil to the underworld.”

Lilly snorted. “Thanks for that Cyn.”

“I’m just here to help,” she responded.

“You are getting way too good at sarcasm. I think I liked you better when you just stood and stared at everyone.”

“Do you know how it will affect Lilly?” Cypher, asked the prince.

“I can find out,” Thalion told him. “We will have to visit our library back in the Elvin realm. We keep documentation there on all the supernatural races.”

Cypher’s brow rose. “You have records concerning the history of other supernaturals?” His tone of voice questioned whether it was wise of Thalion to have divulged this information.

Thalion didn’t appear bothered by the king’s question. “It would be both foolish and prideful to think that the actions of others would not affect us, even in the smallest of ways. The safety and well-being of my kind is my greatest priority, as I’m sure you understand. It would behoove any leader to pay close attention to the doings of others, especially those that might be a threat to his race. Such diligence is prudent in order to be a successful leader.”

“So what I hear you saying is that we are going to be doing some more hiking?” Lilly asked, grumpily.

Thalion smiled. “Yes Lilly, mate of Cypher, we will be doing the unthinkable and using these appendages we call legs.”

“Ha, ha, you are so clever,” she told him, dryly.

“Come,” Thalion motioned. “It’s not all that far.”

“I want to believe you, I really do,” Lilly muttered, as Cypher took her hand.


Mona’s uninvited guest had finally taken leave. After several minutes of collecting herself, she turned her attention away from the danger that had taken its leave, to the grief that was music to her ears and nutrients to her body. “If I were the dancing kind, which I’m not, I swear I would do a jig right now.” Mona stroked Octavian’s mane as she felt her magic pulsing across the distance finally having found its prey. She could taste the agony of the females and the rage of the males feeding her wickedness and urging her on. The chaos was a welcome distraction from the frustration caused by the continuing failure of the warlock king. She had to admit that there had been much that had not gone as planned and there were new situations she'd had to adjust to, but that was the way of war and she was no stranger to adapting to new complications.

She would give Cypher a few more days, simply because she was in a good mood; torturing people tended to do that for her. But, if she had not heard back from him by the end of three days, then he would endure her wrath. Actually, his mate will bear my wrath, she thought as she opened a small box and lovingly stroked the strands of hair tucked safely inside.

Chapter 15

“I’ve never known such fear, such utter despair. Not even in death did my misery meet such depths, for at least, in death, she was at peace. I thought I could keep her safe, or save her from any foe, but how can I save her from her own mind? She, who holds my heart in the palm of her hand and my child in her womb. She, who is so strong, so loyal, lies before me sobbing and broken. How can I ever make it right? How can I ever redeem such a time from her soul? If I could not prevent this, how will I prevent the death of our baby girl?”

~ Decebel

“So we have to get the wolves to phase?” Peri asked Cynthia though she had heard the whole conversation. Peri thought about it for a moment as she looked at the pairs in front of her. Her eyes landed on Adam and Crina. “What about Adam? He isn’t a wolf and I don’t imagine we will be able to get Crina to phase.”

“You are throwing too many problems at me Peri. Let’s just get the wolves to phase. We’ll deal with Adam as soon as the others are in their fur.” Cynthia took several breaths to calm hear heart rate and get her fear under control. Agitated wolves fed off of fear and she was not about to become prey for six dominant males.

Peri let go of her magic and revealed her high Fae form as light enveloped her and she appeared taller than before. She radiated light, peace, and goodness.

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