Wadim’s eyes widened with hope. “Can you really do it?”

Peri looked offended. “Do you poop in the woods?”

Wadim laughed. “On occasion.”

“Then on occasion we can break curses.”

Someone cleared their throat behind her and Peri rolled her eyes.

“Skender, Wadim allow me to introduce you,” she turned and pointed to each Fae as she called their names. “That is Disir, Gwen, Lorelle, Nissa, Dain, and lastly the highest among us, Alston.”

Skender and Wadim didn’t know if they should bow, or what, so the both just gave short, sharp nods.

“Now, if we all feel our egos have been sufficiently stroked, could we please go and fix these females so that we don’t have a bunch of feral males killing everything that dares to breathe in their direction?”

Skender turned to lead Peri towards Vasile’s room. They hadn’t taken two steps when suddenly growling, snarling, and yelling came from the direction where Skender had left the other packs.

Peri rolled her eyes with a huff. “Well, don’t just stand there, let’s go stop them before they all kill each other and leave us in a worse state than we are now, which honestly would be hard to do considering I thought hell was as bad as it got.”

They started running towards the far south door that would open into the field. Skender crashed through the door first and stopped so quickly that the others crashed into him. They all stood staring at the chaos in front of them, frozen at the site.

“What the hell,” someone yelled from their right. Skender turned to see Dillon in his human form holding off another wolf that had phased. “Don’t just stand there, do something,” he yelled.

Skender and Wadim ran into the fray, separating fighting wolves, throwing bodies far from each other. Skender was able to make some submit, others he had to fight in order to get them to back off. With every fight he broke up, another ensued. The wolves were out of control Fane’s howl had stirred the darkness in them and the combined presence of so much dominance was only stoking the fire.

Victor ran full speed towards his second, Andrei, who was in hand to hand combat with Tyler, the Springfield Alpha from America. Victor knew his second couldn’t win against the Alpha if he decided to do more than make him submit. He crashed into the pair and grabbed Andrei by the back of the neck. His second turned on him with a deep snarl.

“Peace Andrei,” Victor growled and pulled on his Alpha power. Andrei fought the command for several seconds before he finally submitted. Victor turned back to Tyler who was still in a battle stance.

“We don’t need to do this, we are all on the same side,” Victor told him.

Tyler’s eyes were wild and Victor could see just how young this wolf was, especially for an Alpha.

“I am not giving you a command, I am simply asking you to tell your wolf to step aside. You are not in any danger here.”

Tyler stood up fully and his shoulders relaxed. He looked around at the battle going on around them and with a smirk looked back at Victor. “You were saying?”

Victor chuckled. “Well, you aren’t supposed to be in any danger, at least not from our race. Let’s get as many of them under control as we can before they do any permanent damage.”


Vasile felt wave after wave of power flowing through the air. He knew that power; it was Alpha power, lots of Alphas. He stood from where he had been kneeling by his mate’s side. He paced, as his wolf grew even more restless. If there was that much power being released it meant one thing, the packs were fighting. He couldn’t have that, not now, not here. His mate was helpless and the last thing he needed was a bunch of feral wolves running around like crazed idiots. He grabbed the cell phone from his bedside table and dialed Cynthia’s number.

“Alpha,” she answered on the first ring.

“Please come to my room.” He hung up without ceremony.

Less than three minutes later, Cynthia knocked at the door. Vasile swung it open, trying not to rip it off its hinges.

“Please watch her. Keep her safe. If anything happens to her I will kill you.”

“Yes Alpha,” Cynthia told him as she bared her neck to him. He stormed out of the room and the walls shook when he slammed the door shut behind him.

Cynthia stared at the closed door and knew that the wolves that had begun to fight, were in over their heads. They had never felt the full force of Vasile’s power. She smiled to herself as she thought about how much she wished she could be out there when he had them all on their knees.

With every step Vasile took, his anger grew. He continued to feel the power that shouldn’t be present and his wolf raged at those who would dare come into his territory and act in such a manner. He was their host, and it was his hospitality they were trampling on by acting like animals.

He reached the door and pushed it open stepping out into the mess. He felt his wolf pushing, wanting, and needing to join the fight, to make someone’s blood flow. Vasile reined him in. He needed order, not more anarchy. He pulled power from his pack and watched as all of his wolves engaged in the fight dropped to their knees. He pushed that power out as he roared. “THIS ENDS NOW!” Vasile’s eyes glowed and he felt the claws on his hands grow, his skin tingled with the need to phase, but he held it together. He continued to force his will on all those who dared to disobey. He forced those who had phased into their wolves to regain their human form. His eyes traveled over the large group, meeting eyes as, one by one, they fell. In less than a minute, men kneeled where wolves had just raged. The sudden silence fell over the field like a blanket smothering fire.

“Who do you think you are to come into my home and spit in my face with such a display?” Vasile words were controlled, and those who knew him knew that that was a bad sign.

“Angus, Artur, Victor, Dragomir, Jeff” he called out the Alpha’s names with an authority they could not ignore. “Ciro, Gustavo, Drayden, Tyler, and Dillon stand.”

Each Alpha stood and walked forward, weaving around the other kneeling wolves.

“The rest of you are to go to the rooms that you have been given. I will let your Alphas decide your punishment. Be glad that it is not me meting it out. My wolves, your behavior is inexcusable. You will be dealt with. You have pulled me away from the side of my mate, which frankly pisses me off.”

There was a snort of laughter towards the back of the kneeling group. As he recognized the sound of one of his wolves, Ciro, the Alpha of the Italy pack, tensed.

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