Once again, an angel of God came to the leaders of the supernatural races. He asked that we keep a close eye on the evil gathering in the world. The veil to the underworld was no longer a secret to all men. They began seeking it out under the direction of the demons that had seeped into their hearts. Surprisingly however it was not a human that became the tool used to make it possible to open the Veil.

One male continually sought out any interaction from the malevolent beings. Over time the demons relentless bombardment of his thoughts led to actions that they themselves directed through him, and one day he found himself at the Veil. The demons continued their assault on his mind and he became so attuned to their wickedness that he clearly heard, the directions on how to open the Veil. He followed their instructions to write the ritual in a book, so that when the appointed time came, the book would be read, and the ritual performed. I happened upon the male when he was attempting to read a language that he didn’t even know, though he had written it. I took the book and tried to destroy it, but nothing I tried was successful, so I hid it in our vast library. It has been here, untouched ever since.”

The room was quiet once Thalion’s voice no longer filled the space. The group continued to look for the book and it was awhile before someone finally said something.

“That does not explain how the Kings of my people have known how to open the Veil,” Cypher pointed out.

Thalion did not respond, but paused in his searching.

“Thalion,” Cypher prompted.

Finally, Thalion turned and looked at the King.

“The male that found the Veil, the one who wrote the book, he was the Warlock King.”

Cypher’s eyes widened and he froze where he stood. He felt like he couldn’t get enough air in his lungs and what air he did get in was thick and difficult to exhale.

“That still doesn’t explain how the others have known,” Lilly said, as she walked over to Cypher’s side. She took his hand and rubbed it gently, a silent reassurance that she was with him.

“Cypher understands how they all have known,” Thalion said, as he continued to stare at him.

Cypher nodded. “When the King dies the next in line is given his memories, all of them.”

“How?” Lilly asked, as she tilted her head back so she could fully see his face.

“Blood,” Cypher told her. “All things come from blood; life, memories, healing, and even evil.”

“I hate to break up this moment of painful revelation,” Cyn quipped as she walked over to Thalion, “but I found it.” She handed him the very book they had been looking for.

Thalion felt a chill run through him as he held it. Cypher’s eyes landed on the book and he felt an unexplainable need to take it, to protect it.

“Cypher?” He heard his name being called, but it sounded like it was coming from far away.

“What’s he doing?”

“He’s drawn to the book because of the knowledge that it holds.” Thalion’s words snapped Cypher out of the trance he had been in.

“Evil is drawn to evil,” he repeated what the elf had said while telling the story. “Is that why? Is the darkness in me trying to connect with the evil in that book?” Cypher's voice was thick with contempt and his heart tightened painfully in his chest as he was once again reminded that he had made poor choices so many times, and some very recently.

“No,” Lilly said firmly as she planted herself directly in front of him. He looked down at her and he was able to breathe a little easier as he saw the determination in her eyes.

“You are not evil. Have you made bad choices? Most definitely, but we all have. We have all, at one time or another, done things that were, for lack of a better term, sinful. It’s how we handle the aftermath that determines who we really are and what path we are on.”

Cypher raised his hand so that he could cup Lilly’s cheek. He touched her gently, as if she were precious and fragile. His eyes softened as he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

“You make me better; you push out the evil,” he whispered against her lips.

“Then kick the idea that you are evil to the curb,” she snapped. “My heart could never fall for someone evil, so that settles it.”

“You’ve fallen for me?” Cypher suddenly forgot about the book, his evil and everything around him, his attention was for Lilly alone.

“Like that’s news to you,” she answered.

“I hoped, but I did not know little one. What it means to me to hear you say it is beyond words for me.”

Lilly let him pull her into his broad chest and, for a few breaths, they took comfort in the love that was growing between them.

Half an hour later, they crossed back into the human realm. Thalion had called on his warriors again and so a Fae, human, and Warlock King stood, surrounded by the elves.

“So what do we do now?” Cyn asked.

“It is time for me to meet with the witch.” Cypher pulled his shoulders back and steeled himself for the coming confrontation. “But, before that, I need to call on my own warriors to meet us at the Veil; along with the wolves, and” he glanced at Cyn, “I’m assuming the Fae?”

Cyn shrugged. “It’s never wise to count on the Council, they are too selfish, and if they determine it is a risk that they don’t feel worth bearing, then they will not come.”

“Must be nice to think that you pee gold,” Lilly said, as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Do I even want to know what that means?” Thalion asked.

“You’ll figure it out,” Lilly assured.

“We could move a lot quicker, Cypher, if you would let me flash,” Cyn told him.

Cypher didn’t look convinced.

“Why won’t he let you flash?” Thalion asked.

“Because she is not the only one I’m keeping from flashing to us,” Cypher explained.

Thalion nodded. “Right, you’ve been making sure others can’t locate you.”

“Exactly,” he agreed.

“That was all fine when we didn’t have the information we needed. We have it now,” Cyn pointed to Thalion who was the caretaker of the book until such a time that Cypher would need it.

“Let me flash to your people, I will tell them to meet us and then you guys can begin your journey to meet Mona.”

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