“Jennifer, I thought I told you that I wanted you to go back to our room,” Decebel said, as he crossed the room to her.

“You did,” Jen waved to Peri with a wicked grin.

“Then why are you here?” He asked.

“Because you told me to go back to our room, duh.” The girls all snickered at her while the men scowled. Jen ignored them and turned to face Peri and Cyn as Decebel wrapped his arms around her from behind and pulled her against his chest. Each of the mated pairs was in similar poses across the room.

“So Peri fairy,” Jacque smiled. “What’s the news that has our men so riled up about?”

“The Warlock King and the Elf Prince are waiting for permission to approach the mansion,” Peri explained.

Jacque tried to push away from Fane as she took a step towards the Fae, “Cypher is out there? That means my mom is out there too, right?”

Peri nodded.

Jacque whipped around, slapping Fane in the face with her wild hair to face Vasile. “Why have you not said they could come? That’s my mom out there, Vasile.”

“I know that,” Vasile told her patiently. “But, I cannot act rashly, I always must weigh the danger a situation poses to the pack.”

“Give me a break, Vasile. There are like sixty or so dominant males in this mansion at this very moment, they must be much more dangerous than the men my mom are with.”

“And, you know this, how?” He asked.

“Vasile,” Alina’s warning came from where she still sat shielded from view. “She is your daughter-in-law first, pack second.”

Vasile stepped aside so that Alina could be seen. She stood next to Vasile and relaxed into his touch when he tucked her under his arm.

“Peri,” Vasile turned to her. “You can bring them here. They are to go to the gathering room and stay there. No wandering about.”

Cyn was gone before Peri could answer.

“Where’d she go?” Sally asked.

“To tell them,” Peri shrugged.


Peri flashed next to Cyn only moments after Cyn arrived, standing before Cypher and Thalion.

“Well hello, handsomes,” Peri smiled at the two males.

Lilly stepped from around Cypher who had pulled her protectively behind him when Peri had arrived.

“You must be Lilly,” Peri stepped forward and held out her hand.

Lilly reached forward to shake it and Cypher snaked an arm around her waist attempting to pull her back.

“Cypher,” Lilly said his name in a clipped fashion and he backed off only slightly.

“You have one of those too, I see,” Peri motioned to Cypher.

“Too?” Lilly frowned.

“Your daughter has, what she and her friends call, OBBHMs.”

Lilly laughed. “And pray tell, what does that acronym stand for.”

“Overbearing butt head mates.”

“Then yes, I have one of those too,” Lilly laughed as Cypher narrowed his eyes at her.

Peri stepped back so that she could address both men. “Vasile has agreed to let you come to the mansion. But, before we go, I need to fill you in on pack etiquette.”

“We already know some of it,” Cypher told her.

“Not with these males you don’t,” Peri countered. “These males take protective to a whole new solar system, so listen up and maybe we will all live until Mona kills us.”

Lilly grinned. “I like you. You are a breath of fresh air.”

“You haven’t known her long enough yet to declare that. Just give it time,” Cyn smirked.

Peri snapped her fingers closed in front of Cyn’s face, making it clear that she wanted Cyn to shut her trap. Cyn laughed and stepped back.

“The most important thing with this group of males is do not, under any circumstances, for any reason, touch any of their mates. On a good day they are touchy when it comes to other men being present around them, but they’ve been through some tough stuff the past several days so they are really on edge right now.”

“Is my daughter okay?” Lilly asked, suddenly alarmed.

“She’s fine, and I’m sure she will gladly fill you in on their adventures,” Peri assured. “Next, don’t hold their stare. It’s all right to meet their eyes for about five seconds. After that, avert your gaze. You don’t have to drop it and indicate submission, just look over their shoulder or off to the side to show that you aren’t going to challenge them. Even if the man in them knows that you aren’t there for a challenge, the wolf will see it differently and right now their wolves are winning the control battle more often than not.”

“These men sound very unstable,” Thalion pointed out.

“They are unstable. They’re werewolves, what about that would make you think they are stable?” Peri shook her head at the Prince. “Oh and please, for the love of little furry things everywhere, do not point out to them that they are unstable.” She stared at Thalion for a second more. “Actually it’s probably better if you don’t speak at all.”

Thalion looked taken aback. “Why?” He asked, genuinely confused.

“Because you have not been around the Canis lupus and so your questions might sound like you think them to be barbaric animals.”

“Aren’t they?”

Peri’s jaw clenched. “See, that is why it would be better if you kept your royal trap shut.”

Cypher stepped in before Thalion could argue further.

“Is there anything else we should know? So far everything you have said, I understand because I myself, am that way with Lilly.”

“Don’t be offended if they growl at you. They basically growl at anything that isn’t their mate, and even at them sometimes. Oh,” Peri clapped her hands, “I almost forgot the most important rule of all. Steer clear of the tall, leggy, blonde. She is trouble with a capital PITA. Her mate is Decebel; he is the Alpha of the Serbian pack, and he’s deadly when it comes to her. She likes to get him all riled up so if you see her coming, turn and run the other way. Oh, and she’s pregnant, so, that basically means if you look at her Decebel will kill you.”

“This just sounds like it’s going to be so much fun,” Lilly said, cheerily.

“Oh, they are a real barrel of laughs, and by laughs I mean make you want to set your hair on fire while pulling your own teeth out.”

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