Shoulders that had been slumped were now pulled back. Chins rose and jaws set as those who were not the same, those who did not agree on everything, did not always understand one another, and did not always like each other yelled as one. “FOR THE PACK!”

Vasile turned to Decebel and shook his hand before pulling him into a tight hug.

“You stay alive,” he told his former Beta.

Decebel gave him a small smile. “I would tell you the same, but you’re too bullheaded to die.”

Vasile chuckled. “Too true.” His voice sobered. “We run as one and as soon as we pick up the King’s scent, we break off.”

The other Alphas walked over and joined Decebel and Vasile.

“Victor, Dragomir, Angus, Artur, Gustavo, and Ciro, you will bank left, circle around, and fan out Dillon, Drayden, Tyler, Jeff, Decebel, and myself will bank right so that we form a complete circle. You will stagger your wolves' one facing in, one facing out, every other wolf. This will protect our flanks as we move forward. Desdemona is not a witch of simple mind. She will use anything in her power to achieve her goal. Adam, Alston, Dain, Disir, Gwem, Lorelle, and Nissa of the Fae will spread out amongst us to fight along with us. They will shield our presence for as long as possible. Jacque, Alina, Cynthia, and Crina will be fighting amongst us. They are the only females fighting with us. I do not say that I allowed this, but if you have met them, you have figured out that these are women that you don’t really allow anything.

"So, as much as it is in your power, protect our females. They are precious to us. Rachel and Sally, our two healers, along with Jen, the Serbian pack Alpha female, Elle, Sorin’s mate and Perizada will be a short distance away, hopefully with the stones of the Fae, if they make themselves available. They will help fight any of the forces of nature that Desdemona will attempt use in her favor.

"Our total numbers are thus: ten Fae, seven of which belong to the High Council, twenty Warlock warriors, twenty Elves, led by their Prince, two Gypsy Healers and fifty-one dominant Canis lupus, twelve of which are Alphas. This could be the largest united effort of supernatural races in our long history. It is my sincerest hope that we all come back, that we end this madness together. If we do not, I want to personally thank each of you for your help, for hearing our cry and the cry of the Great Luna and coming to our aide.” Vasile stepped back and to everyone’s surprise, he knelt, bowed his head, and placed his hand over his heart. Every movement stopped. Every noise ceased as they all turned to see the greatest of them on his knees, humbled.

One by one, they took a knee and bowed their heads, joining Vasile.

“My children,” warmth spread across them as they all looked up at the sound of the powerful voice—the Great Luna stood before them in all her glory. “Today, I am pleased with the leader who has risen among you, who sees himself not as the greatest, but as a servant. Today, I am pleased with you all, those who belong to me and those who do not. Today, you have exercised your free will and chosen the harder path. For it is easier to give in to the darkness that dwells in each of your hearts, but much more difficult to go against your nature and take the path of righteousness. Listen to Vasile. His heart is pure and he desires nothing more than to see each of the races prosper and flourish. Go with my blessing. Know that I am and will give you strength; all you need is to ask.” And, as quietly as she had appeared, she was gone.

Across the field, surrounded by the guards that Vasile and Decebel had assigned to them, the females all stood up together and Jen stepped forward. “You heard the woman people, let’s bring the rain!”

Chuckles rippled across the group as they all stood and began to join with their packs.

“That is your mate, no?” Gustavo, Alpha to the pack of Spain, asked Decebel.

Decebel looked across the field to his mate who was giving him thumbs up.

“Yes, yes she is,” Decebel, said with a small laugh.

“She is strange,” Gustavo admitted.

“Yes, she is definitely that as well.”

“But hot,” Costin piped in as he came up behind Decebel.

“I’ll tell your mate you said that,” Decebel threatened, as the other Alphas watched Decebel warily, having seen firsthand how protective he was of his mate.

“I’ll just point out that she’s hotter, she’ll forgive me.”

Decebel rolled his eyes. “You are the only wolf whose mate wouldn’t castrate you for calling another woman hot.”

“Oooh, who are we castrating?” Jen asked as she wrapped her arms around Decebel who had seen her coming and held them open for her.

“Costin,” Decebel told her.

“Sally won’t be happy with you B,” Jen looked up at her mate, grinning.

“It doesn’t appear that he ever plans to need them, as slow as those two are moving, so I honestly don’t think she’ll mind.”

Jen laughed and gave her mate a high five. “Good one babe.”

Costin frowned at the pair. “Jen that was so not cool.”

Jen laughed. She stood on her tip toes and kissed Decebel. The others left the couple, giving them a semblance of privacy.

“You stay safe,” Decebel told her.

“I will only be as safe as you are B,” Jen told him, honestly.

“I know,” Decebel’s voice was soft and she heard the regret in it.

“Hey,” she nudged him. “Would you want to exist in a world where I was not?”

“You know I wouldn’t,” Decebel frowned.

“Then do not be sad that we fall together, because I would not want to exist without you.”

“We have a child to think of now Jennifer.”

“All the more reason for you to prove that you are the badass you claim to be and come back to me.”

“Language,” he growled.

“Babe, it’s the end of the world as we know it. As such, I reserve the right to indulge in the pottying of the mouth.” Jen smiled.

Decebel shook his head and rolled his eyes as he leaned down and kissed his mate passionately. His lips parted and Jen boldly explored his mouth. He smiled against her lips.

“What?” she asked him, breathlessly.

“I have always loved that you are not shy with me.” He tucked her long, blonde hair behind her ear.

“Why would I need to be shy? Have you seen all this?” She motioned up and down her body with her hands.