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There is no dresser, so I get off the bed and start to search for a closet, only finding a small bathroom. I know I could wrap myself in a sheet and leave the room, but if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think I’m ready to face my parents. So instead of doing the smart thing, I crawl back into bed and close my eyes, falling asleep before I even try.

By the time I get back to her parents, they are both sitting up in the room, sipping water Skylar had gotten for them. I give Skylar a chin up. She knows I need a minute with them privately.

“You got her pregnant?” Emma’s mother whispers. “How will she ever move on from this now? With a child?” She shakes her head, crying. Her father reaches over, trying to comfort her.

“Move on? Louise, forgive me, but there is no fucking way she’s moving on unless I’m with her.” I’m pissed that they think I’m letting her go. “Maybe we should get a couple of things straight. One, I love your daughter, with everything that I am. Two, I’m going to marry her. I would marry her today if she would let me. But with her being tired and sick, I’m going to give her a couple of days. But I want to be married by Saturday.”

“That’s in five days,” her father says with wide, startled eyes.

“It’s more than enough time, Phil. You throw money in there and we could probably do it in six hours. But I know she would want to go shopping for a wedding dress with her mother. Now, because everyone knows who she is, we are going to have the dresses brought here. You can use the game room for that.”

“You are going to have wedding dresses brought here?” Louise asks.

“Yes, and if she doesn’t find anything, I’ll hire someone to make her one. I don’t care what she wears as long as she walks down that aisle. Now that I’ve let you know what is happening, I’m going to go look after my woman. If you need anything, Skylar will be here all night.”

I don’t wait for a response. Instead, I turn around and head straight to the guest room.

The minute I open the door and see her lying there, my cock wakes up. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve tasted her. Making my way over to the bed, I turn her on her back. She is so tired that she doesn’t even wake. Once I have her legs spread wide, I expect her to wake up, but instead, she just sighs and sinks her head farther into the pillow.

I open her pussy lips, her bald, beautiful center greeting me as it glistens. Her knees fall sideways, making her open for me, and my mouth waters.

I run my finger through her folds, straight up to her clit that is starting to get puffy and red like a little gem. I pull my finger away and her stickiness comes off with it, making me groan. My erection fights to get out and pound into her, but I lick her juices from my finger and take off my jeans. My cock head is purple it’s so swollen. He knows he’s close to his home. I fist my shaft in my hand, pulling it twice, three times. I throw my head back, knowing if I continue I’m going to come all over her. But I’m not ready now.

Getting on my stomach, I align my face with her pussy. Her smell is intoxicating. I lean in, licking from her entrance right up to her clit, where I circle it with the point of my tongue. I repeat it three times, and by then her clit is swollen, so I nip it gently and her hips rise instinctively. Her juices are running down her ass, making the bed sheet wet. My girl fucking loves having her pussy eaten, even while she sleeps.

On the fourth lick, I slip my tongue inside her. I’m tongue-fucking her slowly while my thumb strokes her clit in soft little circles. She’s so close to coming in her sleep. I look up and see her lids lazily blink open. She looks down on me, her eyes already hazed over with need.

Her hands snake into my hair and she bucks up to get me to go deeper. “Liam.”

My name on her lips drives me crazy, and I move my face side-to-side. The whiskers of my day-old beard pinch her. I move my hand down and enter her with two fingers while my mouth sucks her clit deep into my mouth.

She forces my face harder against her. “Liam, I want to come. It’s been so long. Please, make me come. Make me feel good.”

Her begging sends me over the edge. I want to be gentle, but fuck, she needs me to make her come. My finger-fucking picks up speed. Slamming into her, the moment I pull out, I curl my fingers up, touching her G-spot. I know I hit the spot the second she bucks up again, crying out.