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Not that I’m going to tell his crazy ass that.

“We are not getting married,” I say, lifting high and sinking down onto his long, thick length, moaning as his fingers dig into my hips.

“We are getting fucking married,” he growls, lifting me up and pulling me right back down, taking over my movements and not giving me an inch to even roll my hips.

“We’re not,” I repeat, trying to move, only to have him flip me to my back and prowl swiftly down my body until his face is level with my pussy, his eyes all I can see.

“I guess I’ll just use this time to convince you otherwise.” He raises a brow then buries his face between my legs.

My breath leaves on a loud whoosh as his tongue touches my clit and two thick fingers thrust into my still tender pussy. “Stop! I can’t take any more.” I attempt to push him away, and his hands latch onto my wrists, which he forces between my spread thighs, leaving me completely open to him and his torture.

“Say you’ll marry me,” he snarls against my clit, nipping it.

“No,” I hiss, trying to break free from his hold, causing his hands to tighten and his tongue to move faster in and out of me then up and around my clit.

“Tell me you’ll fucking marry me,” he barks, and my eyes open to meet his.

The look in their beautiful depths makes my breath hitch. “Liam,” I breathe as he goes back to eating me, giving me everything while absolutely nothing at all. “Please let me come.” I start to panic, the feelings coursing through me too much to bear.

“Fucking tell me now!” he roars.

“Yes! I’ll marry you!”

Pulling my clit into his mouth, his tongue flicks over it and I come on a scream, and the biggest orgasm he’s ever given me takes over my body from head to toe, making me feel like I’ve left myself completely. Before I’ve made it back down to earth, his body is covering mine and his hot, thick cock is filling me so full that it’s almost painful. So full I feel him in my belly with each and every manic thrust.

“Fuck, you’re too wet and too goddamn tight. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You feel good. Please harder,” I pant, scraping my nails down his back, wrapping my legs around his waist, pulling him closer, and needing more of him. Sliding his hand down my stomach, his fingers find my clit and roll over it as his head bends and his lips latch onto my nipple, pulling it into his mouth, and letting it go with a loud pop. “I cannot wait until your tits are full of milk.”


“Until you’re swollen with our son.”

“Girl,” I moan as my head arches back into the pillow.

“What?” His thrusts pick up their tempo, making it hard to focus.

“Could be a girl and not a boy,” I pant as his body stills, and then he slams into me hard.

“No girls,” he growls, thrusting harder and faster than before, and I smile at how damn crazy he is and cry out when his fingers flick over my clit in sync with his thrusts. “Give it to me. Let me feel you flood my cock. Let me feel you come all over me.” As if he is the commander of my body, I come hard, so hard I swear I pass out for a moment.

“I love you,” I breathe without thinking once I come back to myself, and I feel him go from semi-hard to marble.

“Fuck, I need to fuck you again.” He drops his forehead to mine and starts thrusting once again. By the time he’s done, both of us have come twice more.

“Baby, wake up.”

“Go away, Liam. I’m not having sex with you anymore. My vagina hurts,” I mumble into my pillow, feeling his body shake behind me. I sit up quickly when he laughs loudly.

“Baby, your mom is here.”

“Mom,” I breathe, blinking at her standing in the doorway with a—oh my God—a freaking smile on her face!

“I swear, child, you were put on this earth to drag me to the grave.” She rolls her eyes and then cuts the distance between us. Once she’s close, she rests her hand against my cheek. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m… I’m okay.” I tuck the sheet up around me.

“I’m going to be a grandmother. Can you believe that?” she asks, and I smile.

“I can’t. I’m… I’m still coming to terms with it.”

“I have to say I was a little upset, but now that I think about it, I’m going to be the best looking grandmother. Sherrill and Tammy will be old by the time they are grandmas. Not me, I’m in my prime. I’ll look good in photos and be able to chase the little princess around.”