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“You guys better be decent, ‘cause we are coming in,” Skylar warns.

“Seriously, when will we ever be alone?” I ask, and Liam smiles, making all the annoyance I’m feeling melt away.

“Sorry, baby, but soon it will just be me and you.”


“I promise.” He kisses my forehead and my lips as he slides out of me, leaving me on the bed. Lying back, I look up at the ceiling, raise my hand above my face, and then move it from side to side, admiring my ring.

The day after I got kidnapped, Liam and I were married in a very small ceremony with just our families and friends there to witness. It was perfect, but us leaving for our honeymoon was even better. Now that we’ve been back in LA though, I’m looking forward to Liam finishing up work and us going to Scotland for a few months, just the two of us—or the three of us. I smile, resting my hand over my stomach. Hearing Liam and Skylar arguing back and forth, I tune them out—like I learned to do quickly—and sit up, wrapping the sheet around my chest. Getting out of bed, I head for the bathroom when the news story on TV catches my attention. Dalton, the man who saved me, is on the screen. It looks like he’s standing in the middle of an accident scene with a much smaller woman in his arms.

“Is that Dalton?” Liam asks, and I look up at him.

“I think so. Who’s the woman?”

“I don’t know, but it looks like she belongs to him,” he mutters as Dalton rushes the woman toward the open doors of an ambulance.

“Liam, I swear if you think we are having another baby, you have lost your mind.” I shake my head and try to scoot around him toward the back door. Today, I’m supposed to be getting my birth control prescription renewed, but since the moment I woke up, Liam has been trying to convince me that we should have one more baby.

If he had done this three years ago, I might have thought it was a little bit sweet, but it’s been four since we had our oldest, Layla, and since she came into the world, we’ve had three more kids. Anna, Leo, and Dean. I have been pregnant for just about four years straight, and as much as I love my children, I’m happy to not be pregnant for once.

“Baby, it’s your fault I’m obsessed with planting my kids in you. There is nothing sexier than you carrying our children.”

“Move out of the way, Liam, or I will kick you in the balls so hard it’ll make it impossible for you to have another child. With anyone.” I lean in, hissing the last part.


“Fine, I’ll make a deal with you. If somehow in the next four years science comes up with a procedure that allows a man to carry a baby, I will have another child with you. If that doesn’t happen, then I’m sorry but you are out of luck. You will just have to find someone else to have a baby with.”

“Never,” he snarls, stepping close and wrapping his hand in my hair at the back of my head. “Only you. Until the day I fucking die, there will only ever be you.” He drops his head and takes my mouth, causing all rational thoughts to leave. As he walks me backward into the laundry room, I moan when he lifts me onto the washer. “Who do you belong to, Em?” he asks, licking down my neck.


“Right. Only me.” He roughly jerks my skirt up over my hips, shoving my legs apart. Running his fingers through my folds, I see his eyes twitch and I know I’m in for it, which only turns me on even more. “Where are your panties?” Shaking his head, he shoves two fingers deep inside me, the sudden fullness overwhelming. I love when he gets like this—out of control and needing to prove a point. Pulling my legs up, he sets my feet on top of the washer. “Don’t move.”

“I won’t.” I lick my lips and watch his face disappear between my legs. The first touch of his tongue is like magic. Then he adds his fingers and I know I won’t last long. “Please, more.” I raise my hips and he speeds up his thrusts, sending me over the edge. Coming hard, my eyes pop open and I look down my body into Liam’s beautiful eyes.

“Jesus, there’s nothing better than your taste on my tongue,” he growls, using his hands to hold me open while burying his tongue inside of me once more. My hips lift high and my hands move to his hair, holding on for dear life as he causes another orgasm to suddenly spiral through me. “You’re drenched, so fucking wet that you’re dripping,” he groans, releasing my legs and wrapping them around his hips. “Are you ready for my cock?”