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“Liam sent me. Was supposed to be here earlier. Flight was delayed. I’m here now.”

“Um… what?” I ask as my dad snarls, “Go. We don’t need anything from Liam or you.”

“Been paid. I’m stayin’. Don’t want to invite me in, I’ll just wait out here and keep an eye out.”

“That’s not necessary. Liam and I aren’t together anymore. Soon, this will all die down. I’m sorry you wasted your time,” I say, and he grins at me like I just said the most hilarious thing he’s ever heard in his life.

“Said you’d say that. I know different.” He shrugs his large, suit-covered shoulders.

“This seriously cannot be happening,” my dad grumbles from my side, and I look up at him, cringing when I see his face is starting to turn a funny shade of red.

“Go in, Dad. It’s okay. You said so yourself this will all go away soon.”

“I’m thinkin’ it’s not gonna go the way I planned,” he murmurs, and then looks at the guy in front of my door. “What’s your name?”


My dad nods then reaches back and grabs my hand, pulling me with him while muttering, “May as well come in.” And with that, Nion and I follow him into my apartment, where I make the two men breakfast.

Seriously, what the hell is happening in my life?

Looking at my phone, I let out a relieved breath. I just got the text from Nion that he’s sitting in her apartment, watching her father freak out and pace the floor while she makes them breakfast. I’m a little jealous she’s cooking for him, but with the fucking storm that’s brewing, I can’t pull him from watching over her, even if I want to.

She’s supposed to be mine and only mine. I know I should have told her who I am, but for once, it wasn’t about how much I make, what movies I’ve been in, how big my house is, or who I’m fucking this week. It was just about me and her.

I rub my hands over my face right before sitting in the makeup chair.

“You can’t do that once I put your foundation on,” Macy, the makeup girl, scolds, looking at me in the mirror. I nod and relax back in my chair. Seeing the trailer door open, I watch the two people I want to send on a one-way trip to the moon, Skylar and Andre, walk in.

“Good. With Macy doing your makeup, we can talk and you can’t.” Skylar smirks at me. “Nion finally got to England and is with Emma,” she tells me, something I already fucking know. “Apparently, she’s worse than you at listening to instructions. At least you picked a good one this time.” Her eyebrows go up, knowing I can’t answer. “The studio says these retakes should last till Sunday. Your next movie starts shooting in two months. I’m assuming you are going back to England once this is finished. I’m going to search for houses with security there so you and Emma can hash out this battle in privacy.”

“Not going to London. Taking her to Scotland,” I inform her.

Her eyes go wide before she covers it and continues. “There was a press release issued this morning asking for privacy and also shooting down those ridiculous pregnancy rumors. I mean, I’m assuming you wrapped that shit up and aren’t that stupid.”

“Watch it,” I growl then close my eyes, thinking of the time I made her mine, knowing I didn’t have shit between us. I didn’t want anything separating us when I claimed her.

We had just gotten back from that coffee shop we met at. I sat on the couch and made her straddle my waist. The minute she sat on me, my cock sprang into action.

I ripped her ponytail holder out from behind her head, making her hair cascade around her face. Her forehead touched mine.

“I have to say, you’re so fucking hot.” She smiled at me.

“You think so? Funny thing, because I think you’re the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth. You’re an angel.” I leaned forward, nipping her lip, knowing she’d open up for me the minute I was near. My tongue slid into her mouth, claiming her as I always did. Her kisses destroyed me. They consumed me. I knew once my cock got in her it’d be the end of me.

She angled her head to the side so I could devour her more. With her hand on the side of my head, I moved my palms from her ass to her tits. So far, we’d gotten hot and heavy over the clothes. I wasn’t rushing her, because I was sure she wasn’t as experienced as I was, but I had to feel her skin.

My hands moved down to the hem of her T-shirt, snaking under the fabric. Her skin was soft like silk. The minute I touched her, I felt goose bumps all over her. I was waiting for her to say no, waiting for her to finally say not yet. But she didn’t. Instead, she pulled back, looking me in the eye while she peeled the T-shirt off herself, leaving her in a white, cotton lace bra. Her pink nipples were straining against the material, waiting for me to pinch, to roll, to suck.