Page 11 of Trapping Her

“I care about you, friend. I also care about her. I want you both to be ready to face that future when it comes,” he states softly.

I study him. He’s the only vampire I ever turned and he doesn’t look much older than the young man he was when I came across him dying from the plague. He had been alone for months, his family all dead from the illness that took so many. He’s been at my side for what feels like forever, and unlike me, who would have been happy to leave this life behind after losing Isabel, he was glad for a second chance and has repaid a debt he didn’t owe millions of times over.

“I know. I know you care. I just…. I’m praying I can find some sort of answer while I’m away.”

“Maybe the wolves know something. Maybe you could speak with them.”

“Possibly.” I shake my head, unsure I’d be willing to answer the questions I know would be asked. “Is everything ready for my departure?” I need to change the subject.

“Everything is set and the hundred guards you ordered will be arriving this evening.” He must read that their presence doesn’t make me feel better. “Like I promised, I’ll stick by her side. No harm will come to her during your absence. I swear on my life.”

“Thank you.” I wrap my hand around his shoulder and squeeze while holding his gaze.

He bumps his fist on my arm then takes a step back. “Go wake her. You have tonight together, make the most of it.” With that, he turns away and walks out of my office.

I look out the window once more then to the sea beyond the beach, which seems endless as I gaze upon it. The future for Isabel and me is unknown, but for a while longer, we have each other. On that thought, I leave my office and go to where Isabel is still sleeping.

I remove the book from her grasp then pick her up.

“Cameron?” She wakes, blinking up at me as I carry her toward our bedroom.

“I need you, love.” My voice is rough with unspoken fears.

Her beautiful face fills with understanding and she leans up, offering me her mouth. I take it, trying to show her what having to leave is doing to my soul, to explain without words what she means to me. I lie her down on our bed then slowly untie the strings keeping her from my gaze. First the ones behind her neck and back then the two at her hips. Only once she’s bare to me do I kiss her again. I trail my mouth and teeth down her neck, pausing to sip from her throat.

When I reach her breasts and the strawberry tips, I lick and suck until she’s writhing under me, begging for more, saying my name like a prayer. I move slowly, down her stomach until I’m between her legs. I savor every inch of her, memorize her taste, the sounds she makes, and the way she feels under my mouth. As she begins to come, I thrust two fingers inside her then turn my head to her inner thigh and drink greedily. Her taste is more decadent than the sweetest wine and the most delicious cake I’ve ever had. She tastes like the sun and the moon. Like worlds colliding. Only when she’s come down from her orgasm and I’ve had my fill do I move back up her body.

I pause briefly to touch my lips to her stomach, hoping beyond hope that we’re somehow able to create a child one day. A child that would be made from an undying love, a child that would know how precious life truly is. When my mouth captures hers once more, I feel her legs and arms wrap around me and I thrust inside her warmth. Where her taste is sweeter than anything I’ve ever eaten, her tight walls wrap around me, feeling like home. She is my home, the only place in the world where I truly belong.

I thrust harder, roaming my hands along her body before sinking my teeth into her neck that she offers to me. We come as one, our bodies and souls connected in a way that defies logic or reason. As my weight settles on top of her, I move my hand to rest against her flat stomach between us and close my eyes. I’m not sure how I know, but I do.

I know my greatest joy and deepest fear has just been brought to life.



I cannot look at Isabel’s face as I board my plane. I know if I do there’s no way I will be able to leave. We woke early this morning and made love as the sun rose above the horizon then spent time in bed, interwoven under the white sheets. I held her to me, held the life I could somehow feel inside her womb. I didn’t tell her my suspicions. I didn’t want her to worry over it. I close my eyes. I can still hear her pleas for me to stay or to take her with me as my heavy steps led me away from her. I block everything out as I settle into my seat. There’s no turning back. I need to face everything to come head on.