Page 2 of Trapping Her

My mind fills with vision of him and me doing things I’ve never done before. Dirty things. Wicked things. Things that make my clit pulse, nipples harden, and wetness pool between my legs. Visions that are so realistic I’d swear they already took place. “Run, sweets. Run before I don’t allow you to run from me anymore.”

With my hands shaking, I lift them to his chest and push. I know my strength doesn’t move his heavy weight, but he releases the hold he has on me instantly and takes a step back. Breathing harshly, I examine his handsome, chiseled features, his dark lashes, full lips, and ticking jaw. With power I didn’t even know I had within me, I lift my chin and square my shoulders. “You promised me this account. I expect you to hold up your end of our deal without any of the…” I feel heat hit my cheeks. “Without any of the… the other stuff you mentioned.”

“Bloody hell,” I hear Angus hiss behind me, but I keep my gaze locked on Cameron’s.

He finally pulls his eyes from mine to look over my shoulder, and then he begins to speak rapidly and angrily in a language I don’t understand. Angus replies in the same dialect and tone to whatever he said, and then Cameron gives me a sweeping look that I feel everywhere. “You’ve been warned, little one.”

And with that particularly scary sentence, he walks off. No, not walks. He stalks off, his heavy footsteps sounding loud, like the crazy beat of my heart.

I sag against the wall behind me then jump when fingers wrap around my forearm.

“Come on, lass. Let’s get you settled. I’m guessing your overnight case is in the car. I’ll bring it to you once I’ve shown you to your rooms.”

Lord, how on earth did I forget I’d be staying here, residing in a castle with a man I don’t know, while I prepare all the antiques in the place for sale through the auction house I’m working with. Easy, I guess, since I hadn’t met Cameron Campbell in person until a few moments ago. If I had, there’s no way I would have accepted the terms of the contract.

“Okay.” I blow out a breath. “Thank you, and yes, my bag’s in the car,” I state shakily as he leads me up a winding stone staircase to the second floor.

When we reach a door at the end of the hall, he pushes it open and allows me to step inside before he follows me in. “You’ll sleep here, but as stated in your contract, you have full access to the entire castle, except for Cameron’s rooms and his office.” I give him a nod to let him know I heard him. “Are you sure about this, lass? You can go if you need to.”

“I’m not leaving.” Again, my voice is stronger than it should be under the current circumstances, or maybe I’m just that desperate.

He nods. “Dinner is at six. You have some time before then to get settled. If you’d like, I’ll show you around after I drop your bags off with you and speak with Cameron.”

At the mention of Cameron, hundreds of questions float to the tip of my tongue, but I don’t ask them. Instead, I place a smile on my face. “I’d like that very much. Thank you, Angus.”

He doesn’t respond with words; he lifts his chin in acknowledgement then leaves, shutting the door behind him.

Alone, I walk around the room, taking everything in. The canopy bed in the middle of the room is surrounded with wispy curtains. On the bed is a deep red velvet cover with golden sheets that look like silk. The paintings hanging on the walls all have ornate antique frames, and the dresser and chaise are the same dark, decorated wood as the bed.

Without anything to do, I go to the chaise and sit. I pull my cell phone from my purse still wrapped around my shoulder and tap the screen to bring it to life. There’s no cell service. I don’t even have one measly bar to make me feel better. I drop my phone to my side with a groan while laying my head back.

“You’re an idiot, Isabel,” I chide myself, wondering why this feels more like a new beginning rather than just a new job.



His eyes roam over my naked body cast in firelight, and I writhe under his gaze. “Beautiful, little one. You’re absolutely beautiful. Perfect for me in every way.” I feel his words whisper against my skin as his hard, naked body moves to settle between my parted legs. His lips trail down my neck to my breast, and when his hot mouth closes around one hard nipple, I gasp then moan, sinking my fingers into his hair.

“Don’t stop.”