Page 3 of Trapping Her

“Never.” He bites down, and his sharp teeth sink into my flesh, drawing blood and making me moan.

I come awake on a gasp with my pussy pulsing, and I sit up before I roll to my side, flipping on the bedside lamp. Once my eyes adjust to the light, I tug the top of my nightgown down and examine my chest. Logically, I know I won’t find a mark, but then again, the dream felt all too real. Even now, I could swear I smell the fire and him.

I fall to my back, squeezing my eyes closed. I should not be dreaming of Cameron, a man I met just once briefly. I really shouldn’t be dreaming of him doing those naughty things to me, but I am. Every night and day for the past three days I’ve been in his home, he’s invaded my thoughts and dreams.

I sit up in bed then toss back the covers and stand. I grab my robe off the end of the chaise and tie it around my waist. I need a glass of water. Really, I need a drink—a hard one—but I doubt I’ll find alcohol in the kitchen downstairs, since none has been served with dinner. With my hand on the handle of the door, I pause, not wanting to unexpectedly run into the owner of the house.

“Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.” I remind myself Cameron hasn’t been around since our first meeting. I haven’t seen him at all since the day I showed up. He’s like a ghost, a figment of my imagination. With that reminder, I open the door and step out.

The soft bulbs above me light my way as I head down the stone stairway. When I reach the kitchen, a room Angus showed me my first night, I go to one of the front open cabinets and grab a glass. I turn on the water then fight the urge to jump when a presence fills the room. I know it’s him without looking. I know, because equal amounts of fear and desire fill my veins.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t.” I turn to face him and my mouth goes dry. Dressed in nothing but a pair of black silk pajama bottoms with his hair tied away from his gorgeous face, he looks like he walked right off the pages of some kind of women’s only magazine.

“Your heart says otherwise, little one.”

I frown at his odd statement. “Pardon?”

“Nothing.” He comes closer to where I’m standing. “You can’t sleep.” It’s not a question.

“I had a nightmare,” I lie with a shrug. If all nightmares were as pleasurable as mine, I’d never fear sleeping. Heck, I’d try to sleep forever.

“What kind of nightmare?” His eyes search mine as he studies me.

I lift the glass in my hand to my mouth, taking a sip of cool water before I answer. “The usual kind, about things that don’t exist.”

“Things that don’t exist?” He comes even closer, and I fight the urge to retreat.

“It doesn’t matter.” I wave my hand out in front of me. “It was just a dream.”

“Some say dreams are our souls seeking what they desire most.” He wraps a hand around my hip, the warmth soaking through the layers of thin material covering me. “What do you desire, Isabel?”

My pulse skitters as a rush of heat pools between my legs and my nipples pebble. Looking into his eyes, I want to tell the truth, to admit I desire him. I want to tell him all the things I imagine him doing to me.

“Do you desire my mouth?” His eyes drop to my lips briefly. “My hands on your beautiful body?” The warmth of his palm slides up my side and his thumb curls under my breast.

A whimper I can’t control escapes my throat as “Cameron” leaves my lips.

“I could make you come so easily. I could give you more pleasure than you’ve ever dreamt of, with just one touch. All you have to do is say the word.”

Say the word. I want to. I want to tell him to give me whatever he’s willing to give, but something within me has me fighting the urge. “Let me go,” I demand softly, and I swear I see his eyes flash from within with golden light once more.

Seeming stunned by my request, he tightens his hold on me while pressing his body into mine. “You want me to let you go?”

I lick my lips with our eyes locked and nod.

“No.” The one word is growled with both frustration and anger.

I lift my empty hand to his bare chest and start to push him away, but stop when he dips his head and captures my mouth. His taste as he thrusts his tongue between my lips is familiar. It’s euphoric, like sunshine and chocolate, like every joy I’ve ever experienced rolled into one. My nails dig into his flesh, and I kiss him back, soaking in the feeling of his embrace.