I open my eyes and look in the mirror at us. I pull away from her. “Look, honey, look at us now. Look how sexy you are.”

Both of our eyes are hooded and lips swollen. Sierra’s legs are spread wide, her skirt raised tight up her hips and I can see her panties, where proof of her desire has wet the cloth covering her most private parts. My hand strokes down her belly and rests between her thighs. I caress her slit through the wet cloth and she raises her hips to press into my hand. Pulling her panties to the side, I bare her pussy to me in the mirror. Damn, I could come just like this, just by looking at her swollen core as I penetrate through her slick folds. She leans back against me, giving me better access. I pull her shirt and bra up, exposing her almost fully to me. With one hand on her breast and one hand on her pussy, I watch her gyrate on my lap as she comes undone. She’s begging me now, begging me to not stop and asking me for more.

I apply more pressure until her head is thrown back and her body tightens up as the climax takes ahold of her. Afterwards, she lies limply in my arms and I kiss her neck to soothe her. When I think she is almost asleep in my arms, she surprises me when she asks me “Will you take me, Ryder? I want you inside me.”

“Yes, definitely.” I set her on her feet, holding on to her until I know she is steady. When she’s standing up, she finishes taking off her clothes until she is naked before me. I always thought I loved her curves, but there is nothing like seeing her naked curves.

I rush through undressing and then lift her into my arms and carry her to her bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and cuddle next to her, kissing her with my cock hard and pressed against her thigh.

“I’m clean, honey. I want to be in you bare,” I tell her between kisses.

“I’m clean too. I’ve only had sex once…”

“No, honey, I don’t want to hear about others,” I insist.

As I’m kissing her, she’s pressing her body off the bed, trying to lead me to her pussy.

I line myself up at her center and slowly enter her. She’s tight, oh so tight and my cock feels like it’s in a vice grip. I grip the sheets on each side of her, trying to stay in control and not let myself slam into her with one thrust. I work my way into her tight channel slowly and with each inch I go, she’s moaning my name, begging me for more. It feels like the blood is rushing through my head, I’ve never felt this much desire or ecstasy before. Damn, what is she doing to me?

I blink a few times to clear my vision and, unable to hold back any longer, I slam into her roughly until I’m buried deeply inside her and my balls are hitting her butt. With each plunge inside her, we both moan.

“Sierra, honey, you feel so good,” I moan into her mouth between kisses. I lift her legs up and press them against her sides. I’m able to go deeper and I thrust inside her until she’s screaming my name and we both climax at the same time. I shoot my load deep inside her womb and I don’t come out until I’m completely done, and even then, I’m wanting to stay inside her.

Once we catch our breath, I roll off of her and pull her into my arms. I end up deep inside her three more times throughout the night. And I still can’t get enough.

Chapter 5


It’s been two weeks since Johnny stole my stuff and I met Ryder. Ryder has gone out of his way to protect me. He admitted to me that first night we had sex that he had been staying in his truck outside my apartment to make sure I was okay. We have spent every night since then either at my apartment or his house. If we are not at work or I’m not in school, then we are together.

He was disappointed when he found out I was on the pill. He thought for sure that he was breeding me. I gasped in astonishment when he told me that. It’s tempting though. I do love the idea of having his babies.

Tonight I’m going over to his house. I had to stop by mine to grab some clothes. I no longer take the bus; he has loaned me one of his cars to drive. I tried to refuse him, but he won me over.

Walking through the apartment, I grab a few changes of clothes and my makeup and stuff. When I hear the doorbell, I smile, thinking that it’s probably Ryder. I run through the apartment and swing open the door. And to my surprise, Johnny is standing there. His pungent smell hits me as soon as I open the door. He looks rough and I want to cry when I think about what he must be going through.

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