When he stands up, he’s looking down at her and I’m in awe of the relationship that these two have already built.

He points to a door on the other side of the room. “That is the bathroom and it also adjoins to your bedroom. My room is on the other side of the living room. Get comfy. I’m going to go grab the bags.”

I watch him walk out of the room and have to stop myself from following him. The safety I feel when I’m with him makes me want to be with him always.


I walk out to the truck and try to catch my bearings. I send a text to Sierra and Ryder to let them know what’s up. I then open the door to grab a few things and the smell of her, that damn fresh coconut and vanilla scent that I breathed in the whole way here, hits my nostrils and I take a deep breath. My cock has been hard since I had her in my lap at her house. Sitting next to her in the truck for the few hours it took to get here was pure torture. I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off of her, but I do know my number one priority is to keep them both safe. They both need some normalcy in their lives right now.

When I go back in the house, I peek in on Faith and see that she is still sleeping. The water is running in the bathroom and images of Olivia standing under the spray go through my head. Fuck! I back out of the little girl’s room and go over to Olivia’s, putting her suitcase on the bed. As I turn to leave, Olivia walks out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. Her hair is in a knot on the top of her head and the towel barely reaches her thigh. I can’t do anything but stand there and stare at her.

When my gaze goes back up to her face, I register the shock in her eyes. She’s staring straight at the bulge in my pants. “I’m so sorry. Uh, there’s your bag. I’ll leave you to it.”

I stride out of there, grab my bag and slam the door to my room. Fuck, I’m not going to make it. She is perfection. She is crazy if she thinks she is too big. My mouth waters just thinking about her standing there with a towel barely covering her magnificent curves. I grip onto my length and shift around to try and get more comfortable. I count to 100 and try to think of anything but her to try and get my erection to go down. As a last resort, I go into the bathroom to take a cold shower.

Once I’m out and dressed, I hear the doorbell ring. I had Olivia order food delivery from a local grocery on the way here. It must be them.

After tipping the grocery deliverer, I’m unpacking the bags, and Olivia walks in to help. She is blushing still and I can’t help but think how cute she is with her red cheeks and red hair.

I keep unpacking bags and know that I have to tell her. “I’m sorry about earlier. I should have knocked or something.” I put the eggs and milk in the refrigerator and then turn to her. “I’m not going to lie to you, Olivia. I’m attracted to you – which I’m guessing you probably already realized. But I want you to know that I don’t plan on taking advantage of this situation. Maybe when we get through this, I can take you out on a date if you want to?”

She’s looking at me and I can tell she’s trying to get the nerve up to say something. What it is I don’t know. Is she going to tell my tattoo-covered ass to take a leap? Say thank you, but no? I don’t know, but I do know I’m holding my breath waiting on her to say something.

She walks over to me and doesn’t stop until I can feel the roundness of her breasts pressed against my chest. I suck in a breath at the contact.

Her hand wraps around my neck and pulls me down to her. “I want you, Johnny. I don’t want to wait. I know we are in a mess right now. But I also know you are a good man. You wouldn’t be taking advantage of me, because I want you too.”

She seals her lips over mine. My arms go around her and pull her even tighter against me. I ravage her lips but still I feel like I can’t get close enough to her. Her mouth opens under mine and I plunge my tongue into its depths until I’m pulling away from her, gasping for breath. Her lips are swollen and her eyes are hooded.

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