I consider what he said, but I also know that this is what I need… he is what I need. “Do you really want me, Johnny?” I ask him shyly.

He pulls my hand between his legs and wraps our hands around his hard shaft. I squeeze a little and he moans. “Yes, I want you, Olivia.”

Looking into this eyes, I see the sincerity there. I stand up and hold my hand out to him. When he puts his hand in mine, I tug him up until he’s standing and then I lead him over to his room. I stop when I get to the side of the bed. Dropping his hand, I pull my T-shirt over my head.

He looks down at my body and instead of covering myself, I stand there before him, insecure, but determined to not shy away from what I want. And want I want is him.

“Fuck, baby. You’re perfect.” His hands go around me and unsnap my bra. He lets it fall to the floor and then cups each of my breasts in his hands. His thumbs flick across my nipples and I inhale sharply at the contact, my nipples beading at his touch. When he touches me with his lips and sucks me into his mouth, a guttural moan escapes from his lips and I hold on to his head, keeping him there – right against me.

He puts his fingers in the waistband of my panties and pulls them down my legs. He goes down to his knees, kissing my body the lower he goes. When I step out of my underwear, he pushes me back onto the bed and slides his shoulders between my legs.

His finger traces along the seam of my folds. I’m slick, wet, and open to his caress. He traces along my opening and then moves to the swollen clit. I’m in agony as he applies pressure until I’m about to go over the edge and then he pulls back until I’m calm again. Back and forth, start and stop, I’m begging him for it. I’m not proud, but he brings this out of me. I want it… I want him inside me.


She’s so close. I know it wouldn’t take much to put her over the edge. But I don’t want to yet. When I do finally let her come, I want to be inside her. I want to feel her channel vibrating around me.

Her arousal is driving me mad and I don’t even try to stop myself from putting my mouth on her, my plan of making her wait forgotten. When her taste hits my tongue, I moan against her and instantly she comes undone, exploding around me. I kiss up her body as she reaches down to undo my pants.

“Honey, wait.” I roll over on my back, still trying to catch my breath and realize I should have had this discussion with her before now. “I was injured in the army. My thigh and leg is a little mangled… it’s not pretty.”

She rolls over onto her side with her hand drawing circles around my belly button. “I’m sorry you were hurt. But there’s nothing that you could say that will make me want to stop.”

She unzips my pants and tugs them down my legs. Once they’re off, she touches me through my underwear. My cock is hard and oozing precum, ready for her. Like it’s begging to get inside of her.

She slowly pulls them down and my cock like a slingshot bounces back up. She kisses up my body and the closer she gets to my upper leg, the more tense I get. No one has seen this except for doctors and I’m a little nervous about it. When her lips touch my mangled skin, I gasp and look down at her. She’s looking at me with compassion and something else, but not pity. Thank God. Pity I couldn’t take right now.

When she kisses up my thigh I tug her arms and pull her up until she’s sitting astride me. My cock is pressing against her naked bottom and her gentle movements against me have me thrusting my hips up to press into her.

“Ride me, baby. It’s killing me, I want to be inside you,” I beg her.

She starts to lift herself and then stops. “I’m clean. I haven’t been with Caleb…”

“I don’t want to know about you and Caleb, honey. I don’t want him in this room or in your head. I’m clean too. It’s been… a long time for me.” I lean up to meet her halfway and kiss her.

“I’m on the pill, too, so you don’t have to worry about that either,” she whispers against my lips.

“I wasn’t worried about it.” If she knew the thoughts that are going through my head, she would probably run out of here screaming. I don’t tell her that I want to bury my seed in her womb over and over until I’m sure that she’s pregnant. I don’t tell her that I want to get inside her and then never let her walk away.

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