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“Impatient,” I chuckled.


I didn’t want to keep Terri waiting. Especially not when she looked and sounded ready to jump my bones. I threw off my shirt and pants, unabashed by my own nakedness. My cock was rock hard, pulsing with want and dripping with need. Never before had I seen someone as beautiful as Terri, as unbelievably sexy. Just as I was about to turn to grab a condom from the little box I kept tucked away in my nightstand, Terri sat up and grabbed my hand.

“Wait,” she said. “Don’t.”


“I want to feel close to you,” she explained. “I want to be as close to you as possible.”

“Are you sure?”

“Have you been tested since your last relationship?”

“I have. Totally clean.”

“Me, too,” she said, wetting her lips with a quick pass of her tongue. “And it’s not like I can be more pregnant.”

I smiled, aroused by how badly she wanted me. “Okay,” I said gruffly. “Lie down and do exactly as I say.”

Terri was surprisingly obedient in bed. She lowered herself down atop the blankets and spread her legs for me, pretty little pussy practically dripping. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her knees, aligning my throbbing cock with her entrance. I pressed forward, overwhelmed by the warmth and wetness that surrounded me. I groaned as I entered her, squeezing my eyes shut tight. I knew that if I so much as looked at Terri, I’d come undone within a matter of seconds. I wrapped her up in my arms and slowly started to roll my hips, snapping up into her in search of that sweet, dangerous friction.

The mattress creaked in protest under our weight, but I refused to slow down. Terri’s desperate cries for more spurred me on, made me want to fill her again and again. She dragged her nails across my back, circled my neck with her fingers as I fucked her hard into the mattress. Terri threw her head to the side, panting and making all kinds of intense noises with every thrust into her.

“You’re amazing,” she whimpered against my lips. “God, you’re so big. Fuck me harder, Joe.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. Or the baby.”

This answer didn’t seem to satisfy her. She locked her ankles together behind my back and rolled, expertly maneuvering herself so that my back was pinned to the bed while she remained on top. She held me tight between her knees as she started to bounce on my dick, sliding up and down at a furious pace. I was no longer the one in control, no longer the one calling the shots. Terri pressed her hands firmly against my chest to keep me from moving as she rode my cock ferociously.

“Fuck,” I hissed. “Fuck, you feel so good.”

“Do you like it when I ride you?” she purred.

I clenched my jaw as a hot, tight coil began to build pressure deep within me. It was alarming at how quickly the intensity increased. With every rock of her delicate hips, I could feel myself growing closer and closer to the edge, threatening to spill over. A part of me wanted to feel that release, to drown in ecstasy without a single care in the world. But the night had just began, and I wanted to have a lot more fun. I sat up, grabbing Terri by the face to kiss her senseless. Our tongues wrestled for dominance, but it was I who ultimately came out on top. I snatched Terri by the wrist and rolled, once again ending up over her, pinning her hands down above her head. I pulled my cock out of her and grinned at the way Terri arched her back and bucked in protest.

“I’m going to make you beg,” I growled in her ear.

Patches of Terri’s skin were flushed red with arousal. “Show me what you’ve got,” she challenged.

I slipped my hand behind her back and flipped her over, only to immediately grab her by the waist and force her onto her knees. Terri braced herself on her hands, eagerly shaking her gorgeous ass in the air, almost like a taunt. I rubbed her back, enjoying the sensation of my rough palm over her smooth skin. She reacted well to my touch, throwing her head to the side to give me space to kiss her from behind. I pressed into her once more as I sucked hard at the crook of neck, licking at the area with an eager tongue and teasing with gentle bites. When I came away, I’d left her neck bruised with hickies that would no doubt be more obvious tomorrow morning.

I reached around and grabbed her breasts, squeezing and rubbing hard while gingerly pinching at her nipples. Terri whimpered, shuddering as I started to pound into her tight little pussy without remorse.

“You’re so fucking good,” I grunted, grazing my teeth over her ear lobe. “God, you’re so fucking good. Do you like being taken from behind?”

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