I cocked my head to the side, the pain in my leg already beginning to subside.

“Surely someone else can help you with things,” I said. “I mean, you all seem so close and smart. Can’t someone else help you with the workload?”

He waved a hand dismissively and offered me a tight smile.

“Sasha, just focus on you and getting better,” he said again. “Our stresses will always be here.”

I felt like he was challenging me somehow or maybe it was the Demerol taking effect, making me bolder.

“You know what I’ve heard,” I murmured, leaning in closely like I was going to tell him a secret.

He looked at me warily but I saw the gleam in his eyes that I had been seeking.

“What’s that?”

“There’s a very natural way to combat both pain and stress.”

He swallowed visibly but the glint in his coffee-colored irises became a bright light and he locked into me with deep intensity. I didn’t move my face away.

“There is?” he asked quietly and I could feel his heart rate quicken. “What’s that?”

“I think you know, what, with your medical training,” I breathed, my face barely inches from his. I willed him to kiss me and I could see he was struggling with the impulse. “What could possibly release enough endorphins to overcome pain and anxiety?”

My lips brushed teasingly against his chin and I knew that the past days of endless ups and downs was finally bringing me to the brink. I wanted Dan, wanted him to take me and sate the building pressure inside me.

“Hmm…” he said, pretending to think as I darted my tongue out to sample his lips. Instantly, a shiver flowed through me and I knew I had him.

He turned fully to face me, a hardened look on his face and he brought his mouth down on mine, causing me to gasp as he did. The feel of his hard body against me was everything I wanted and I fell back, yanking him over me like a shroud.

“You’re a temptress,” he breathed, his teeth sinking into my lower lip and heat surged through me in a rush.

In seconds, it seemed, I was naked below him and he raised his powerful frame to stare at my nude body, his jaw twitching. He looked like he was about to devour me whole and the mere look was enough to send tremors through me.

My hands were in his, pinned above my head as his face began the exploration of my lithe figure, slowly, deliberately.

The scruff of his beard was delicious, rough around my most tender spots but with each scrape he made, his hot mouth followed through with intensely heated kisses. My wrists began to throb under his tightening grip and I struggled against him slightly, only to encourage him to hold me more firmly.

When he reached my taut nipples, my back arched upward and a low sigh escaped my lips, urging him to be more forceful.

He seemed to sense my desire and as he suction his mouth along the tender skin, one hand released mine to slide along the curve of my body, making its way to the sopping cleft between my legs.

I moaned loudly, so excited that someone had finally touched my swollen nub when I’d been nothing but teased since my arrival. I was glad it was Dan who was giving me what I so desperately needed, his teeth biting into me and tugging at the skin gently before snaking its way across my belly to sample all my secret spots.

My fingers slid into his hair, my crotch rising to meet his fingers and mouth.

“Fuck,” I hissed when his index and middle finger entered me but nothing prepared me for the velvety softness of his tongue, the combination of his rough beard and sweet mouth.

He slowly pushed my legs apart, and I couldn’t help but cry out loud when his tongue dragged over my pussy, teasing my opening before sliding up to swirl over my clit.

“Oh, fuck, wait—”

I moaned when he pushed his tongue deep inside.

I was so tense, I was sure I would snap, willing him to inhale me, and he obliged as if he was reading my mind wholly.

I was brought to heights in minutes that I’d only read about and my gasps of pleasure became moans of desire, my body twisting and turning as he took me with his mouth and fingers simultaneously.

He grunted and I felt sweat pouring from his brow, adding the mix of juices emanating from my body until I could hold out no longer.

In a spray of desire, I covered his face and he sighed happily, his fingers still working deeply, driving out every last drop from me, lapping up my release.

Like a serpent, he slithered back up my frame, his face covered in me but he paused to kiss every spot of skin on the way.

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