There was a simultaneous scoff and like a sea of testosterone, they surged toward me, falling around me.

Seth slipped off my shoes, a gift Harry had bought me when we landed. I’d been still wearing pajamas when we left and the moment we’d left the helipad, my boys treated me to a new wardrobe.

“We can’t very well walk into a hotel with you in socks and pajamas, can we?” Dan teased me.

Seth massaged my toes and I sighed, sinking back against Graham’s broad chest behind me.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Jim told, me, dipping my face toward him for a kiss and I returned it eagerly. How could I have missed them so much when we’d only been apart a few hours?

As I wrapped my arm around Jim’s neck, Bash’s hand slid against my breast, reaching beneath the thick angora to tease my nipple.

The kisses started then, along my calf and thigh, and Seth took my big toe in his mouth.

I felt the heat of Graham’s huge cock digging into my back.

It was on.

My pants wriggled off my body and my head was turned in another direction, my lips crashing into Dan’s.

Bash’s hands kneaded against my breasts and I heard the quickening of breath in the room,

Gooseflesh lit up my body and I licked at Jim’s lower lip. The kisses along my legs moved upward and two tongues meshed into my center in unison.

I moaned with pleasure, reaching out to grab the nearest cock—Jim’s. He groaned as I jerked his shaft, the sensation of half a dozen mouths on me sending flames of pleasure bolting through my body.

My clit was throbbing and someone dipped a long, finger inside me as the two tongues continued to battle for my orgasm.

I wanted them all on me, in me, and when my nipples found their way into the mouths of Bash and Dan, I felt my ass being lifted off the bed.

Graham was beneath me, the others spreading me wide for him to take me as they continued to suckle on my clit.

“Oh fuck,” I screamed, ready for his massive entry and no sooner did he fill me did I spill against him, unable to hold back my climax when so many were working so hard to bring me there.

His thrusts were deep, hard but the others were not done with my swollen nub and their licks and I was being bounced like a ragdoll as I squeezed onto Jim’s shaft.

Everyone else had their hands on themselves, and watching them pleasure their own cocks while watching me cum was driving me to the brink.

Someone’s finger dipped into my ass, and Dan’s huge dick trailed along my cheek, waiting for my mouth to suck it.

I inhaled him long and deep, feeling the vibration of his moan throughout his body as another orgasm built up inside me.

I couldn’t stop cumming all over them, my juices spilling across Graham, all over Stevie and Harry’s mouths as they eagerly lapped it up.

Seth’s shaft was on my feet and he brought himself to climax there before I was flipped onto my stomach, Graham falling out of me but I held fast to Dan in my mouth, sucking him back.

“You belong with us,” Harry hissed in my ear as he dipped his thickness inside me. Below me Stevie latched onto my clit and I screamed out as Bash bit down on my breast but Dan only drove himself deeper into my throat.

I was sure I was going to lose my mind, the climaxes flowing endlessly, one after the other, each one of my men taking their turns licking, sucking and fucking me.

One by one, they exploded inside me, over me, in my mouth and all I could taste and smell was the comingling of all our bodies.

Time meant nothing to any of us and when one was spent, the next took over but I, I was never done.

And I never would be.

I would have happily died in an orgasm induced stroke.



I didn’t remember falling asleep but when I woke, I was entrenched in a pile of limbs atop the bed with the sound of soft snores around me.

And something else.

Someone’s phone was ringing but I had no idea who’s.

It took me a minute to separate myself from Harry and Bash who barely stirred when I rose from the bed.

I had to grin when I saw Dan and Graham almost snuggled together on the floor at the foot of the queen-sized bed. I was sure they hadn’t gotten there by design and I kind of wanted to take a picture for posterity.

The ringing phone, it turned out, was mine. It was the new one I’d picked up in Inverness when we’d gone on my shopping spree.

A quick glance at the clock told me that it was eleven at night. Jesus, we’d literally been going at it all day.