“Let me give you a happy ending.” She laughed against his mouth. “Although, normally, I’m not that kind of massage therapist.”

“Taylor, baby, there’s never going to be a happy ending for us,” Lucky murmured into the curve of her shoulder, his hand easing aside the strap of her sundress and allowing him unfettered access to her sensitive skin.

“All the more reason to take what we can.”

“And walk away with no regrets?”

“Tell you what, in the morning I’ll still respect you…” Taylor wove her hands through his hair, tugging to lift his head and force him to look her in the eye. She leaned in to brush her lips against his, her tongue sneaking out to taste because she couldn’t help herself. “… and you can blame it on the alcohol.”

Chapter Six

“There isn’t enough alcohol on the planet that could make me forget this,” he murmured as he traced her plump lower lip with his thumb. He could still taste her on his mouth, and he ached to take her kiss again. She’d made it clear she wasn’t staying, and sleeping together wasn’t going to make it any easier to let her go. “This is only going to end badly.”

“If you mean it won’t end in diamond rings and white veils, you’re right.” Taylor nipped at his finger, her teeth causing a sharp sting and a corresponding pulse in his cock. “But we can make some good memories. Have fun. Leave as friends.”

“You have no idea what you are asking.”

Taylor’s eyes flared with heat, this time her passion mingling with her anger and coating her words with a spicy bite. “I’m fine with just having fun. You know that. You won’t be the first man in my bed or the last, but I know you’re the one I want in it right now.”

He opened his mouth to speak, to tell her he wanted more than just three weeks with her and to walk away when she said no. But he wouldn’t, because when it came to Taylor he never did the right thing. He’d indulge now and pay the piper later. Leaning in, he took her mouth, invading her with his tongue, letting his body communicate his decision better than any words.

Taylor’s arms wove around his neck, bringing her sexy body in full contact with his own. Soft breasts crushed against his chest, toned thighs bracketing his own and her hot, moist sex grinding against the unbearably hard length of his dick. Lucky pushed back, his groin thrusting upward in the ageless search for the delicious friction that would get them both off. Frustration licked at the frayed edges of his mind when the perfect pressure eluded him at this angle, so he cupped her tight little ass in both hands and rotated them until she lay underneath him on the couch.

Taylor moaned, breaking off the kiss with an arch of her back that bared her neck and pushed her breasts against him. Unable to resist the offer, Lucky bent his head, pulling down the loose top of her dress to expose her nipples to his tongue.

“Oh, hell. Those are new.” He rocked back on his heels, lust amping him up like a shot of adrenaline. Taylor’s breasts, full and firm, were tipped by pink nipples pierced through with small silver hoops. “That is fucking sexy.”

Lucky leaned down, taking one hot bud of flesh between his teeth and tugging on the tiny hoop. Her nipple hardened to a fine point, the cry of need erupting from Taylor’s mouth slithering down his spine and settling low in his balls. He wasn’t going to last much longer with his wet dream under him and responding to every touch, lick, and suck.

He toyed with the ring, tugging it, rolling it, and playing with it, the metallic bite only adding to the sweet taste of her skin. Taylor writhed underneath him, hands scraping against the overly sensitized skin of his chest, her legs tightening around his waist to bring their lower bodies together in an unspoken, shameless plea for release.

“Kiss me, Lucky.”

He released her nipple, melding their mouths together and letting her take control of their frenzy. He was rewarded with her hand trailing down his stomach, her fingers releasing the tie on his sweatpants and shoving them down to his thighs, exposing his arousal to her touch. She wasted no time in taking him in hand, her fist stroking his dick from root to tip and making his eyes cross with the sheer bliss of every caress.

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