His fingers stroked her, spreading her desire and drifting up to circle her clit. Taylor gasped, closing her eyes against the onslaught of pleasure, wave after wave that swelled until she thought she’d come apart.

Lucky shifted, his big body scooting back until his warm breath coasted across the sensitized skin.

“Oh God.” Taylor’s eyes shot open, looking down to find him between her thighs, his face a mask of feral hunger, his eyes locked on her own. She shifted, her body involuntarily arching upward, inviting him to lower his mouth and take his fill.

He ignored her silent plea, offering only the sweet stretch of her flesh as he entered her with his fingers. In and out he pulsed, paced at a rhythm to drive her insane inch by agonizing inch while his gaze dared her to look away.

“Lucky, please.” Her voice cracked on the second word, but she was unashamed of her weakness. Lucky was right there with her.

His voice, no more than a deep whisper drifted across to her on the breeze from the lake. “I know, baby. I’ve got to have a little taste. Just a taste and then I’ll take you there, I promise.”

She swore the stars in the sky flashed when he finally tasted her. His lips, tender and urgent, kissed her thigh, her hip, and then trailed down to close over her clit. Taylor was a mass of feeling, her body crackling with the rush of electricity pinging off her nerve endings. The breeze from the lake, warm and moist with summer humidity, caressed her nakedness and heightened her pleasure.

Lucky groaned against her skin, the deep reverberation of his desire igniting the first spark of her orgasm low in her belly. Taylor tensed, her body clenching around him as the sensation overtook her. So fast, pleasure hit her, like a star shooting across the night sky in its last glorious ride. White hot. Intense. She had to cry out, had to scream her pleasure into the darkness or risk burning alive.

Lucky lifted up on his elbows, brushing her hair back from her face as his calloused fingers tenderly coasted the ridges of her nose, cheekbones, eyebrows.

“God, I love you.” Lucky whispered. Love turned his eyes to a hue that matched the vast sky serving as their cover tonight. “I dreamed of you…of this…just the thought of you kept me sane. If you only knew…”

Taylor’s breath caught in her throat at the naked emotion on Lucky’s face, the awe in his voice. Never had she thought that someone could look at her like that, like she was the only thing keeping him tethered to this earth.

“Did you hear me, Tay? I dreamed of you. I would lie in the desert and my body would ache to feel you next to me, to be inside you just like this. Safe and hungry, surrounded by your wet heat.” Lucky kissed her, a tender one and almost sweet in contrast to the fire in his words. “I would wake up and swear you were with me all night long. Sometimes the memory of you was the only thing that kept me alive. I swear to God…the only thing.”

Lucky moved then, lowering his head to brutally take her kiss. His hips rocking forward to thrust his cock deep inside her body. Taylor gasped at the exquisite pleasure radiating through her. Unrelenting, Lucky, drove into her, deeper with each stroke as his tongue plundered her mouth. She clung to him, giving him free rein to take what she offered.

For a split second panic rose in her throat. She couldn’t do this. Taylor closed her eyes tighter and steeled her heart to resist giving all of herself to this man. If she did, she wouldn’t survive it when the time came for it to end.

Lucky grasped her hands, pulling them back from where they’d been unconsciously pushing against his chest trying to create distance. He raised them over her head, stretching and opening her body further, making her more vulnerable to his rhythmic thrusts and rough caress.

His low, guttural voice broke through her concentration. “Taylor, open your eyes and look at me. I need you…so much.” Lucky threaded his fingers through hers, a sweet gesture that forced her to open her eyes. “I love you. Stay.”

All of the world faded away as Lucky’s gaze caught and held her own. With a sigh, the last part of her defenses crumbled into nothing.

She was done.

Her heart was his.

His honesty, his vulnerability, worked better than any slick seduction line. She’d spent years secretly yearning for him to look at her like he was right now. And although she thought she’d thrown out those girlish fantasies with her rumpled wedding dress, they were still here just waiting for Lucky to bring them back to life.

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