With a groan, she pulled him down to her, capturing his mouth in a kiss, more tender than carnal. Her fingers wove through his hair, holding him in place as if she thought he could possibly walk away from her right now. He wanted this to last, wanted them to stay in this moment before she blew them apart.

“Lucky. Make love to me,” she murmured against his mouth.

He should say no. He should push her away and walk away before he created a moment he knew would haunt him until the day he died.

He didn’t.

His hands roamed, cupping her breasts, playing with her hard nipples under the fabric of her dress, caressing the silken length of her thigh. He ground against the sweet cleft of her body with his cock, groaning himself at the shocks of pleasure reverberating up and down his spine. The momentum of their movement propelled them forward until she was leaning against the stairs and he was curved over her.

“Stay.” Lucky’s demand was repeated against the sweet skin of her shoulder as he trailed fingers along the inside of her thigh, caressing her wet folds and slipping inside the tight wet clasp of her body.

Taylor clutched him wherever she could find purchase, simultaneously pushing him away and dragging him closer—her body echoing the turmoil in her heart. She leaned back, her mouth claiming his in a kiss as carnal as the way his fingers penetrated her sex and stroked against her clit. She moaned and he took her pleasure in his mouth, swallowing the sounds that told him she was lost deep in this frenzy with him.

Her body clenched around his fingers, signaling the impending break of her climax. Desperate to feel her come apart all over him, he pushed deeper into her, curling his fingers to find her sweet spot and press until she shattered like glass. It was beautiful, the way she gave herself over to the sensations and called out his name, still claiming him as her own.

“Stay.” He bit her earlobe, soothing the spot with his tongue as she came down from her pleasure. She still didn’t respond, her body melting into his own, muscles turned to mush by the orgasm.

Withdrawing his fingers, he pushed her down until she sat on the stairs, panting and wild. He greedily soaked her in. She was wanton, dress rucked up around her waist, one shoulder strap dangling down low enough to expose her breast to his hungry gaze.

Lucky’s hands shook as he undid his belt, lowered the zipper and shoved his jeans down until his thick cock was exposed to her gaze. Taylor had watched the progression of undressing and now she stared at his erection, licking her lips when he stroked his length, savoring the electric rush caused by her wanting. When she looked up, the need in her eyes brought him to his knees on the step in front of her. He tried to be gentle but his touch was rough, frantic when he dragged her under him and entered her in one thrust.

“Lucky. Yes. Please.”

Taylor was vocal, her gasp descending into a whimper of pleasure. She clutched him, legs wrapped around his waist, arms locked around his neck as her wet, slick channel held him tight.

Lucky remained still, watching the sensations flicker across her face until she settled with a shudder and opened her eyes. The green of her hazel eyes was bewitching, the dilated pupils a testament to her arousal.

“Stay.” He emphasized his plea with his first thrust, a deep, slow glide in and out of her sweet body. Taylor bit her lip, keeping whatever response she had locked inside.

Stay. The word became a mantra, spilling out of his mouth in a cascade of longing that rode the waves of sexual hunger rolling through his body. His universe narrowed down to the small staircase, the moist heat between her thighs, the clutch of her embrace. He drove into her, everything standing out in fine relief in his sensory-overloaded brain. The hardness of the wooden stair under his knees, the smell of sweat and coconut on her skin, the velvet of her tongue as it tangled with his.

His release, when it arrived, was swift. Lightning. Sparks. Fire. He felt the clasp of her muscles as she came, and he drove deeper one last time as he emptied into her body. It was the sweetest agony, the closest thing to heaven on earth. He was humbled by her power over him. Only she did this to him. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

Lucky clasped her face between his hands, cradling her jaw as he pressed soft kisses on her lips, brows, cheekbones, and chin. Taylor responded sweetly, her mouth open and tender for him.

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