Page 24 of Lavish Loving

London waved as Ace’s grip on her elbow tightened slightly. He steered her away. She waited until they’d turned the corner to address him. “That was a fairly possessive move back there, Mr. Montgomery.”

“It was meant to be.” He eased his hand away from her. They walked in sync, unconsciously, two beautiful people casually strolling on a Thursday night. “No need to say you’re welcome. I know you’re glad I helped you get away from that presumptuous fool.”

“A wealthy fool who’s just invested in you.”

“He invested in OTB, which was a smart move. I don’t have to like a guy to do business with him.”

They reached the town car. Ace motioned for the driver to stay seated while he opened the door for London to enter.

Ace got in beside London. “Where’s your next appointment?”

“My condo.” Ace’s face showed his confusion. “I don’t really have a meeting. I just didn’t want to deal with Michael’s ego.”

Ace released a chuckle—low and raspy—the kind that sent tingles southbound from London’s heart to her heat. “But I didn’t do anything for you back there? Okay.”

“I could have handled it.”

He slid a look her way, one filled with passion, humor and daring.

She leaned over, placed soft cushy lips against his clean-shaven jaw. “Thank you, Ace.”

Ace tapped the back of the front seat. “Hey, buddy, take us to my car.”

“I thought this car was for me.”

“I changed my mind.”

He fixed her with a stare from dark brown doe eyes. It was a wrap. Ace got a call from Tyler. London took in the sights and returned a few texts. They reached the garage beneath the office building where OTB was housed. The driver stopped. Ace got out and reached back for London’s hand. When she stepped out, he pulled her into a hug.

His lips grazed her ear before he whispered into it. “Thanks for being amazing tonight.”

London shuddered, tightened her arms around his waist. Nipples pebbled and feminine muscles clenched. She looked up and didn’t know that the desire she saw in his eyes mirrored her own.

“Excuse me a minute. Hey, Randy. Thanks, man.” He walked over to the driver’s side of the town car and wrapped up business with the driver. London looked around and then walked over to a shiny silver Porsche 911. She ran light fingers over its sleek, smooth design. It reminded her of Ace—exactly the type of car she thought he’d drive.

“You like it?” Ace walked up behind her, placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Very much. It looks brand-new.” She turned to him. “Is it?”

Ace shrugged. “It doesn’t matter, since that’s not the car I’m driving.”

“Oh.” She scrunched her eyes as she scanned the few remaining cars in the garage for another luxury ride. “Where’s your car?”

Ace pointed his key fob toward a ten-plus-year-old SUV. “Right there.”

London took in the black GMC with silver accents. Clean. Shiny. A perfectly good car for one of Ace’s employees. She never would have guessed it for him. Didn’t matter. The way her body hummed with desire for him, he could have rolled up riding a donkey, and in designer duds and five-inch heels she would have jumped straight on that ass.

They got in the car. It smelled manly, musky, like Ace.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you on a tour.” He started the engine and eased out of the garage. “You know Ace the model and the famous underwear guy. I want you to see another side.”

He reached over and took her hand in his. London felt the same fear she’d experienced all those years ago, that intense feeling that threatened to overwhelm her, to take her to emotional places she’d never been. But this time, the urge London felt wasn’t to run away from the feeling. It was to move closer to Ace and make it stronger.


“We’re headed to Oakland?”


“That’s where you grew up?”

Ace nodded. “I have some business to handle real quick.”

“Not a problem.” London looked out the window as they crossed the Bay Bridge. “I don’t know why, but I would have guessed you grew up on the East Coast. You have more of that vibe to me.”