Page 28 of Lavish Loving

“Shoot the pictures over and I’ll have a look,” Ace said, his brows arched and eyes wide at the amount of food. “She’s still in town, so I’ll see if we can get her in for a fitting. No, don’t worry about it. I was going to call her anyway.” He kissed London’s lips softly and gave her a wink. “This afternoon, say around one?” He reached for a cup and poured coffee into it. “Let’s arrange a tentative photo shoot, as well. Lucien is sending over pics of some of the finished pieces. We can take the publicist’s advice and use them to start creating buzz for the show.” He nodded and sipped, picked up a link of sausage and took a bite. “Listen, Mira, I need to run. We’ll meet later at the office. I should be there around ten or so. All right, let’s talk then.”

He hung up, pulled London into an embrace and then set her away from him for a head-to-toe scan. “I thought you said I’d see Clarisse this morning.”

“You are seeing her,” London said, pairing a demure look with the innocent-sounding delivery.

“All that leg I’m looking at screams London. Clarisse would have on a maxidress.”

“Guess I’m rubbing off on her a bit. Dig in! I know you’re hungry, because I’m starved.”

“Yeah, and you worked me like a sex slave.”

“You seemed to enjoy it.”

“Think we’ve got enough food?”

London laughed. “This is what happens when you order while hungry. Their food is good, though.” They loaded up their plates and sat down. “Bon appétit.”

For several seconds the only conversation was between the silverware, the china and the food. After putting away a good chunk of the meal, Ace wiped his mouth with a napkin and reached for the coffeepot. “Whatever happened with those flowers you asked me about, the ones you thought came from me. Did you find out who sent them?”

“No. Diamond, my cousin, looked into it for me. But the floral company’s privacy policy forbade them from giving her the name of who purchased them.”

“What did the card say?”

“There wasn’t one. You’d think someone who’d send an extravagant gift like that would want credit. That’s why I assumed it was you. Because there wasn’t a card and we’d spent the previous day together.”

“It’s an upscale hotel with affluent clients. It could have been anyone who saw you there.”

“I guess.”

“Speaking of seeing you, is there any way you can come to our offices for a fitting today? Lucien has a few pieces ready, and as much as I enjoy you without clothes, I can’t wait to see you in them.”

“I’m staying until Sunday, so sure, I can come by.”

“Oh, really? Plans in the big city, huh?”

“My sister-in-law’s best friend lives here part-time and is in town now. Oh, it’s Trent. For a sec I forgot you know him. Anyway, Quinn is flying up tonight and we’re going to hang out a couple days and go home on Saturday.

“What are you doing tonight? We don’t have any firm plans yet, but maybe you can join us.”

“I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Casual chitchat continued as both refilled and demolished a second plate. Ace’s email and text indicators pinged throughout. After receiving an urgent one from Mira regarding a world-renowned photographer lined up for the shoot, he finished the glass of water London had poured him and stood.

“Thank you for an unexpected yet amazing evening, and a delicious breakfast. Duty calls. I’ve got to go.”

She stood, as well. Together they climbed the steps to the master suite and found Ace’s clothes, the evidence of hasty disrobing evident in pants inside out and a shirt thrown across the room.

“You can wear the jeans if you want and either keep them or give them to me later.”

He nodded and gathered his things.

“Let me find a tote for you.”

She did, and after placing his clothes inside the black leather bag, they headed back downstairs to the garage.

They reached the door leading out. Ace turned to face her. “You know we can’t do this again, right?”

“I know of no such thing.”