Page 47 of Lavish Loving

“You’re probably right. Thanks. I feel better.”

“When you’re around me, you always do. Speaking of which, I’ll be in Europe in a week or so and plan to catch your show. But my contact couldn’t get a ticket. Says there aren’t any left.”

None left for you. “That’s probably true, Max. We were all over the trade mags and websites. Everyone’s talking about OTB.”

“No, princess. They’re talking about you. That star quality I saw the first time we met.” His tone changed, softened. London’s discomfort increased.

“I miss you, London. Your breaking things off was a huge mistake. I was so angry back then, had put so much into your being in the next movie, the next Tata temptation. I said things that I shouldn’t have, things I didn’t mean. When I saw you at the show Friday night, it became clearer than ever that you’re meant for the spotlight, and you’re meant to be with me.”

“Max… I don’t know what to say to all of this. We broke up months ago, and we only dated a year. I’ve moved on.”

“With Ace Montgomery?”

“With life, Max.”

“I take that nonanswer to mean you are seeing him.”

“Ace and I are very good friends, but no, we’re not officially a couple.”

“And unofficially?”

“Right now I’m taking a break from everything, taking the time to get to know my family again, to know me again. I told you that before. It’s still true.”

“Yet you’re headed to London for the next show.”

“Max, there are dozens, no, hundreds of beautiful women who’d kill to be your next temptation. The timing is just not right for that girl to be me. I have to go finish packing. Take care of yourself, okay?”

“Get me a ticket for your show in Paris.”

“I don’t have anything to do with that, Max.”

“I saw the look in Ace’s eyes. He’ll do anything for you. One ticket. That’s all I’m asking.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

London ended the call, shaking her head. Men. Who could ever understand them? After breaking up with him, Max had understandably tossed her from his Hollywood mansion. A message that she’d never get anywhere in the town without him was his parting gift, along with the fact it had been in the middle of the night. He’d apologized later, and they’d agreed to be friends. Platonic. Cordial. And now he was chasing her across the pond and declaring his love? What was that about?

Several hours later London joined Ace, Tyler and Phillip, Mira and her husband, along with Lucien and his top two assistants on a private plane to London. She hadn’t seen Ace since they parted that morning, but no sooner had they buckled up than it became clear what was on his mind.

“You talk to him?”


“Did he send them?”


“Temecula, either?”


“Do you believe him?”

London looked over. “Why would he lie?”

“I don’t know.”

“He didn’t send them, Ace. If he had, trust me, I would know.”

Mira leaned over. “What are you guys over there conspiring about?”

Ace stretched his long legs out in front of him. “Just casual conversation, Mira. No story to feed to the press.”

“Are you sure about that? You two definitely look good together. Don’t they, Phillip?”

Phillip readily agreed. “They make a striking couple.”

“No couple,” London offered.

Mira continued to study them. “We need to shoot you guys together. What do you think, Ty? Coordinating the two lines for the spring show?”

Tyler yawned. “I think we need to relax, maybe sleep and not think about work on this flight. There’ll be plenty of time to plan the spring rollout after we get through the fall.”

“I agree, Dent,” Ace said. “One step at time.”

Mira huffed. “You two are no fun at all.”

“Says the workaholic,” her husband offered.

“You’d best behave,” Mira warned. “Or there will be a one-way coach ticket on a cheap airline with your name on it.”