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I raised my hand, wiggled my fingers in front of my face, and sucked her juices off, savoring the taste of her orgasm.

* * *

We bought the silver bullet, the devil costume, and a new dolphin, too, since she said hers was losing power.

In the parking lot, I opened the door for her, then stopped her with a hand on her waist.

I met her eyes. “You know, with me, you can have anything?”

“I can?” Her voice rose higher than usual, nerves lining it.

“Yes,” I said emphatically. “All you have to do is ask.”

She didn’t ask for her dirty internet fantasy.

Instead, she said, “Can you take me to the club? The one where I told you all my fantasies?”

Everything was coming together.

* * *

But not that night.

She had an early morning interview with the Yankees general manager via remote, so we agreed to go Thursday night.

By the time Thursday came around, our group of friends had asked what we were up to, and Lily and I turned the night at Edge into a group event, as we often did.

Jake and Kate and Nina and Adam, and plenty of others would join us.

We’d all go.

And that might be just what the dirty doctor ordered.



On Thursday afternoon, my phone pinged with a text.

I tore my focus away from the research I was doing for my upcoming conference session this weekend to read the note.

Finn: Tonight, wear something insanely sexy that’ll make me hard all night long.

Finn: Wait. That’s you in anything and everything.

Finn: Because I fucking love you, and I love fucking you.

The club.

The last place I’d voiced all my dirty dreams. It had been my idea, my suggestion. The vibe, the music, the feel—it seemed to set me free.

Could I do it tonight? Say it? Reveal the next level in my after-dark fantasies?

A knot of worry tightened in me, but right alongside that I felt . . . possibility.

I wrote back.

Lily: Will you wear your sexy lawyer costume? Because I love seeing you in a suit and tie. Men in ties are hot, but you in a tie is the hottest.

I sent the note, picturing tonight, hearing his words. You know, with me, you can have anything . . . all you have to do is ask.

The other night at the sex-toy shop had been a revelation.

We’d never gone that far, never pushed those limits to include others. Real people. All our other games had been made-up; all the other people we pretended had seen us were unknown.

True, I didn’t know the clerk’s name, but he was flesh and blood and all man. He’d been twenty feet away while I went flying off the cliff, Finn’s fingers deep inside me.

But what shocked me most was Finn. He’d started it. He’d brought the man at the register into our sex game. He was skating so close to what I’d entertained only in my head.

Bet you’d even like it if he wanted to fuck you too.

Those words from him had detonated me. But they’d seemed to unleash him, too. When we went home that night, we hadn’t even made it through the door. He’d fucked me in the car in the parking garage of our building, my wrists pinned over my head, my legs wrapped around his waist.

He’d been ravenous and harder than I’d ever felt him before. As if he was just as aroused, just as turned on as I was.

But still, that was only pretend. Simply another aspect of our role-playing.

That didn’t mean we had to act on it.

Or maybe, just maybe, it did.

* * *

I absentmindedly kicked one high-heeled foot back and forth, waiting for Kate in a bar at the Luxe Hotel, a gin in my hand.

I wore a little black dress.

Because that was what fantasies were for.

Little black dresses.

We’d meet Finn at the club, and our friends were coming tonight, too—we operated as a pack.

Kate arrived at the bar, looking fabulous in black strappy sandals, designer jeans, and a silver top.

I gave her an approving whistle. “Sexy babe. You should take the best man home tonight.” I couldn’t resist trying to push them together. That was what friends did—tried to set up their single friends.

She groaned like she couldn’t take it anymore as she flopped next to me. “Don’t you think if it were going to happen, it would have happened?”

I scoffed. “Things happen when we’re ready for them.”

She set a hand on my elbow, her hazel eyes locking with mine. “Let me level with you. Nothing is going to happen with Jake and me.”

I pouted. “Why not?”

She heaved a sigh. “Lily, do I need to spell this out?”

“Um, maybe you do.”

She laughed. “I’m. Not. Attracted. To. Him.”

My jaw came unhinged, then I set the back of my hand on her forehead. “Yes, you do have the flu.”

“Natch, I’m terribly ill for not being into Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome.”

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