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“Aha!” I pointed at her like I’d caught her in a web of lies. “So, you do admit he’s good-looking.”

“Just because I can recognize he’s extremely good-looking doesn’t make him my type.” She nudged my waist with her elbow, her voice dipping. “But maybe he’s your type.”

My brow creased. “What?”

“Aww. That’s cute how you act all innocent.”

“It’s not an act.”

She parked her hands on her hips. “Studies have shown that threesomes work best when the third party is someone you all know and trust.”

The notion was a gong banging, waking me up.

I blinked. Swallowed. My brain went into overdrive.

My mind supplied the image. The man who’d been nameless, faceless, in my threesome fantasies suddenly became flesh and blood.

He became my fiancé’s best friend.

My pulse soared, and my skin tingled. What if Jake was the other man in my dirty dreams?

Would that work? Could that work? What would it do to their friendship if things went haywire?

Kate smirked and twirled her index finger in a circle. “I see the spreadsheet columns in your mind adding up.”

I shook my head. “I don’t speak spreadsheet.” It came out robotically because I was still processing that . . . sum of the columns. That specific sum of the parts.

Had the nameless, faceless man been in front of me all along?

“But I do,” Kate said. “And I can tell the sum of you plus Finn plus Jake is looking pretty damn good.”

I grabbed her arm, whispering, “They’re best friends. Would that be weird? For them?”

Kate’s eyes glinted. “I don’t know. I guess that’s what you’d have to find out. But I don’t think it’d be awkward for them if it’s what Finn wants for you. And I bet it’s what he wants for you.”

“How can you be so certain?”

“Because Finn is obsessed with your pleasure.” She spun on her heel, tipping her head toward the club. “Want to go?”

“Sure,” I said absently because my mind was absolutely elsewhere.

As we wove our way through the casino, soaking in the glamour, the glitz, and the sin, I let myself imagine more specifics than I’d ever imagined before.

I pictured two men I knew—two men who’d take me to the moon and back. One I loved madly and one I knew quite well, indeed.

The idea was more tantalizing than I’d ever imagined.

What a strange and filthy new place my mind was.

And everything felt more possible than it did before we got off to the Penn Badgley lookalike.

* * *

The line for Edge was long, but Finn called me over to where he stood by the door. The owner, another one of his cousins, let us in. We thanked Brent then headed for the bar, ordering mojitos.

Seconds later, Nina joined us, sporting the new red glasses.

I gave her a thumbs up. “See? I told you. Hot.”

The brunette struck a pose, then whispered for my ears only, “Do they almost make me look like I know what I’m doing when it comes to men and dating?”

I laughed. “You don’t look at all like the innocent you are. There. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

She wiggled her eyebrows. “Yes. Now, I need a gin and tonic.”

“Then, you shall have one.”

We added to the order, and when the drinks arrived, I took the first swallow of my cocktail then tugged Finn closer. I was ready to be in his orbit. “I know how you love mojitos. Taste it on me.”

He obliged, claiming my lips, sucking on my tongue.

“Don’t let us interrupt anything.” Jake must have just shown up, and his voice thrummed through me, my pulse spiking.

Had his voice always been this sexy?

I broke the kiss, feeling a sliver of guilt. I should be arrested for fantasizing about my almost-husband’s best friend. But truthfully, I knew myself, knew my mind. The fantasies weren’t about Jake—they were about me. About Finn and me, and about our love life.

I’d never entertained dirty dreams of fucking other men.

I didn’t even think of Jake that way after Kate had planted the seed.

I only pictured the three of us—or really, the two men servicing me.

All my dreams were of us together. Finn, me, and another man.

I tried my best to table those thoughts as Adam arrived.

“At last, the party can start. I am here,” he said, arms held out wide, like arriving royalty.

“Yes, yes. We wouldn’t deign to start without you,” Nina deadpanned.

“Good answer,” he said with a wink.

“The only answer,” she said.

Adam snagged a whiskey and the six of us toasted to the coming weekend and caught up on work, while I kept my mind on the moment, not on after-dark options.

It worked for a while, and soon Jake ordered another round for all of us. We all seemed to flow in and out of each other’s conversations—Adam and Nina were wrapped up in a conversation about the best new podcasts on science and travel, with Kate and Finn weighing in, while I took the lead when the talk turned to sports.

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