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I tugged at my shirt collar.

Jake glanced down at his crotch. “Yeah, that’s clear. And my dick likes the idea of all that, so I’d say we can do it tonight.”

My woman laughed, then shook her head. “I want to get ready for it. How about tomorrow?”

Could I be any luckier?

“Consider this my RSVP to the ménage à trois,” Jake said then winked.

* * *

That night we were in bed alone, and I did something we hadn’t done in a long time. I made love to her missionary style. As I was deep inside her, I told her I wanted everything for her, I’d make it amazing, and all I wanted at the end of each day and the end of every night was her.

She looped her arms tighter around me. Her legs, too, like she spoke with her body as well as her words. “You have me, Finn. You have me. Always.”

After, as she lay in my arms, I stroked her hair. “This won’t change us,” I said confidently.

“I know that.”

“Do you know why I believe it?”

She met my gaze. “Tell me.”

“Because you and I are in this together from the start. Because it’s what we’ve always done. And most of all, because we belong together. We belong to each other. Know that in your heart.”

“I do know that, Finn. You have my heart, too. You have all of me.”

Damn, this woman made me horny and happy at the same time. I ran my hand over her breasts, along her belly, and as I touched her, I grinned, an idea coming to me. “I want you to think of tomorrow night as my engagement gift to you.”

She grinned like a wicked angel. “It’s the perfect gift.” She reached for my face, cupped my cheek, and kissed me. “But you’re the gift.”

As she was to me.



This wasn’t my first time being asked to play second banana, although, I vastly preferred being asked to play the only banana at a party with two peaches.

Three peaches could be fine, too.

Hell, why not four?

Point being, I was a red-blooded man who liked women. I liked them a lot. As in, women were proof that we, as men, were not worthy.

And we had to damn well treat the ladies as such—as the worthiest.

But as I went home that night, downed a glass of ice water in my kitchen, and contemplated tomorrow night’s dessert for three, I was a hundred percent good with the situation.

Not because that kind of a one-plus-one-plus-one was on my sexual bucket list (which would require reams of paper to catalog all the kinky things I’ve pictured.)

But I was good with Lily’s invitation because I was game for anything. When it came down to it, I wasn’t that different from Finn. I subscribed to one simple philosophy in the bedroom: make her come and make her come often.

Then do it once more for good measure.

Generally speaking, if something got a woman off, I’d be doing it for her.

If two guys pleasuring her worked for Lily, I’d be happy to help float her double-decker boat.

To be clear, I didn’t want to see Finn in the buff while we were all fucking.

Also, I didn’t harbor any unrequited love for my best friend’s girl.

I’d said yes because some decisions were really simple.

When your best bud asked you to do him a solid and help fulfill his woman’s fantasy—the same woman who’d turned his life around and made him embrace every goddamn day again—you didn’t want to hear that he knocked on the door of the Magic Mike stripper or the Chippendale dancer and asked that guy instead. You wanted to know he came to someone he could trust with his most important request.

Someone who respected the sanctity of the love between him and his girl.

As I brushed my teeth and listened in the quiet to my thoughts, it occurred to me that I was actually honored that they’d put so much trust in me.

But I wasn’t a saint. I wasn’t just doing a buddy a solid. Hell, there’d be no hardship at all in pleasing a woman like Lily.

She was a stunner.

There was only one little issue. It had been a few months for me, and chances were I was going to be turned on past one hundred on the dial of ten.

But if I fired early I’d blow the whole thing. That’d be a helluva way to ruin my buddy’s gift to the love of his life.

There was only one solution.

As I slid under my covers that night, I pictured kittens. Cute little kittens tussling and playing. Then duckies. Adorable baby chicks swimming to see their mama.


If matters got too heated, I’d have a few perfect turn-me-off images.

For now, I made sure I had a solid night’s sleep then a hard-as-fuck workout the next morning.

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