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And I took matters into my own hands. Three times.

By the time evening rolled around, it was game on, ducks and kittens on deck.



I nearly forgot about my conference.

I mean, I didn’t really forget, but all I could think about the next day was the room at the Bellagio that Finn had reserved for us, and what would transpire in it that night.

Before I could go there, I had to pop into one of the lobby bars and meet two of the agents on my panel tomorrow.

Tomorrow seemed like it existed in another world. Tomorrow I’d have to be professional Lily, onstage in a ballroom, interviewing two top sports agents on the business of negotiations.

Tonight, I had to slip into a different role, and I was flustered thinking about the evening ahead. I was a few minutes late to my meeting, too, because I’d needed new lingerie. Obviously.

One did not simply get pleasured by two men without new lingerie.

I’d stopped at Ava’s, a decadent lingerie boutique in the hotel. Overwhelmed with the bold red lace, the silky blacks, and the fuchsia satins, I hadn’t been able to decide. Not until I happened upon the perfect attire.

White lace.

It was innocent, and I was not.

I’d bought it then rushed to my meeting at the bar, chatting with Josh Summers and Haven Delilah, who were obviously hot for each other. The enemies-who-want-to-bang-each-other vibe they gave off was one more thing making me antsy.

When we finished, I thanked them, said I’d see them tomorrow, and headed straight for the elevators.

Finn, Jake, and I had only outlined how our night would start and agreed that the rest would have to happen naturally. This wasn’t a porno where we could edit the bits that didn’t work.

But I knew what I wanted.

I’d had the montage in my head for some time.

Alone in the suite, I ordered champagne, set some condoms and lube on the nightstand, then stripped out of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I savored the warm waterfall as it heated up my body.

I also luxuriated in my own body, my own sensuality, and the hopes that the bounds of my desire would stretch tonight. My hands slid down my curves, over my breasts, caressing my belly.

I leaned my head back under the water, imagining all the ways the night could play out.

I’d watched enough videos. Seen enough clips. Pleasured myself to plenty of Tumblr gifs and videos.

I was a hedonist. That much was clear. I was a pleasure seeker, a cat, a woman who arched her back and purred voraciously.

I wanted to be petted, to be stroked, to be taken over the cliff again and again.

Did that make me selfish?


I felt selfish, but I owned it because I also felt . . . exhilarated.

After I showered, I took my time rubbing lotion into my legs, picturing my men touching me.

Running a brush through my hair, I saw their hands tugging on the strands.

Sliding a pair of white lace panties up my legs, I imagined Finn and Jake removing them. Then a demi-cup bra, stockings, and black heels.

I dried my hair and brushed it till it felt like soft silk. I dusted on some makeup, a little blush, some mascara, and gloss that would be gone in seconds.

Grabbing a short, silky robe, I tugged it on and tied the sash.

Did I look like a madam? A high-end escort? Or just a woman who was sexually adventurous and confident?

I decided on the latter. I was most definitely the latter.

And tonight, I was going to have my men.

Room service brought the champagne bottle and three flutes. I thanked the man and gave a hefty tip.

At nine p.m., I shivered when I heard another knock on the door.

I opened it and found Finn, looking sexy as hell in slacks, a dress shirt, and a purple tie. His grin was crooked and knowing, his eyes blazing with desire. Next to my fiancé was Jake, dressed similarly in pressed pants and a button-down. His tie was forest green. My mouth watered as my gaze drank in his tall frame, his square jaw, his dark eyes.

My two sexy suits.

In one fell swoop, all the nerves in the world descended on my belly, spread across my shoulders.

What the hell was I about to do?

Was this my life?

Was I truly this woman in a hotel? The one who carried on clandestine trysts behind closed doors with multiple partners?

But I banished the worries when Jake lifted a brow and said, “Room service. We have your special order.”

Humor defused the tension.

I laughed, reached for Finn’s tie and tugged him in, then did the same to Jake. “Remind me again what exactly it was I requested?” I asked, playing along.

Finn pretended to look at a receipt. “It says here you ordered two hot men to please you all night long.”

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