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And like that, any remaining nerves didn’t so much as tiptoe out the door—they fled down the hall. I was left with only the delicious ache of my desire.

Finn kicked the door shut, and a burst of pleasure spread over my skin. It was a commanding move. It said we were starting.

But deep down, I knew I was the one who was calling the shots.

I’d always called the shots, even when he’d cuffed me, bound me, spanked me.

Even when he’d told me to beg for it, I was always in charge, because everything he’d done to me, he’d done to please me.

And tonight was the most intoxicating proof of his wish that I always be more than satisfied.

He ran a hand down my bare arm. “Lily, tell us what you want first.”

“I want us all to have a drink,” I said, then poured three glasses.

We lifted our glasses.

“What are we toasting to?” Jake asked.

“To fantastic friendship,” I said to the dark-eyed man, then I swallowed some of the bubbly beverage and set down the flute. Then, to my fiancé, I added: “And to filthy love.”

“I’ll drink to both,” Finn said.

“Same here,” Jake added.

They drank then put their glasses away.

Finn untied the sash on my robe. The silk fell open, revealing my lingerie to both men.

Jake groaned, moving to stand next to me, too.

I trembled as Finn kissed a decadent path along one side of my neck, heating me up, turning me on even further, knowing that kisses like this were the way to my panties.

While he tended to my neck, I reached for Jake’s hands, setting them on my waist.

That was enough. That was the only direction he needed. As Finn stood on one side kissing me, Jake’s hands traveled across my belly, over my hips, down the outsides of my thighs.

I tingled.

Dear God, if this was what it’d feel like all night, I was surrendering to pleasure right this second. Throwing in the white flag. Because . . . holy hell.

Two sets of strong hands.

Two tall bodies.

My knees wobbled.

Finn grinned. “Already turned on, my naughty girl?”

“So turned on,” I said.

“Show us how you dressed for us, then,” Finn instructed.

“Stop hiding that beautiful fucking body behind that robe,” Jake added, and I shivered.

Finn must have told him privately how to talk to me. How to talk dirty all night long.

I shrugged off the silky black robe, letting it fall to the floor so they could see my ensemble.

Finn shook his head approvingly. “Look at you in your angelic outfit like a good girl,” he said.

Jake’s hand curled over my ass, and he squeezed. “A good girl we’re going to defile.”

My pulse spiked, beating everywhere from their filthy words as they flanked me. I reached out a hand, touching Jake’s stomach over his shirt, then did the same to Finn with my other hand, savoring the feel of two hard sets of abs under my fingers.

I was ready to fall onto the bed, to offer up my body right then. But they’d have none of that. Instead, Finn pressed his hard body against my right side, Jake against my left.

Jake’s erection was proud and insistent, a hard ridge against my hip. My fiancé’s was, too—thick and demanding.

I couldn’t wait to see them both strip for me. To see two hard cocks announcing their intention to have me.

Couldn’t wait for mouths and tongues and fingers.

My eager hands coasted down their bodies, skating over their erections. I squeezed them both through their pants at the same time. They groaned, and pleasure zipped through me, speeding through my body, sizzling over my skin.

Each man caressed me. Finn’s mouth traveled along my throat, kissing the tops of my breasts.

Jake brushed his lips over my shoulder, down my arm.

Finn’s hands roamed across my right hip, Jake’s across the left.

I was worshipped; I was adored. I was melting under their twin attention, their absolute focus on my body, on all of me.

It was heady and intoxicating, the best drink I’d ever had.

Finn bent down, kneeling as he kissed my waist, my thighs, then flicked his tongue against the top of my panties.

“Finn,” I moaned, “you need to take my clothes off.”

He grinned against my skin as Jake roamed his lips across my shoulder blade, moving behind me, pushing my hair out of the way to kiss my back. I was boneless, melting already, and I wasn’t even undressed.

Finn rose and dragged a hand down my waist, over my mound, then looked at Jake. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

I felt Jake nod against my back, then flick his tongue along my spine. I arched into his touch as I looked at Finn. “Right about what?”

“As we were walking down the hall, I told him your skin tasted fantastic. Like sugar on your tongue.”

I gasped, my heart speeding up with need, with desire, and with my own hedonism on full-blast. “What else did you tell him about me?”

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