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The idea that my man had had private conversations about my bedroom preferences thrilled me in a way I’d never expected. I had to know everything. Needed to know what they’d said.



Women were so goddamn lucky. They could come early and often. They could come before you even fucked them, and that was not just a good thing—it was a goddamn great thing.

But for a man, you needed to make damn sure you didn’t fire early.

Jake and I had joked about that on the way to the suite. He’d beaten me, though, with his three-times-a-charm hand-jobs today.

As for me, I’d taken two solo flights in the shower.

Because I knew Lily.

Knew my woman like I knew my own mind. She’d be buzzed in seconds on touch alone. And she was—practically vibrating beneath our hands already. She was primed, and I had a feeling she’d lose track of Os tonight.

Could there be a better outcome than that?

That was why it was a damn good thing I’d gotten a couple of mine out of my system already.

I hooked a finger under her chin, met her eyes, and returned to her question. “You want to know what I told him about you?”


I leaned in and took a kiss, claiming her lips, sucking on her tongue. Sending a message.

As I broke the kiss, I said, “I told him your kisses belong to me, and me only. Got that?”

She nodded, breathing out hard.

“Say it out loud. Say it so we both know,” I said, my gaze locked with hers.

“My kisses are only for you,” she said, then parted her lips, asking for another.

I growled, bending close, taking another, then one more. She was so damn irresistible.

When we separated, I ran my finger along her jawline. “I told him your tits feel spectacular, and you love to have your nipples played with.”

She shuddered. “I do.”

“Show him. Show him how much you love that,” I instructed.

She glanced at Jake behind her, kissing her back. “Take my bra off, Jake.”

My best friend obliged, unhooking the white lace and letting it fall. Clenching my fists, I fought off my own desire to cup those beauties. She wanted both of us, and it was his turn.

We shifted, and I moved behind her, caressing her back, blazing a path of kisses down her skin as he came around and played with her tits.

Lily groaned, stretching and arching, making the sexiest, neediest sounds.

“Oh,” she whispered, and every territorial instinct in me snapped to attention. Was she about to say his name in pleasure? Fuck, I’d hate hearing her say another man’s name unbidden.

But his name didn’t follow. Instead, a command did.

“Lick them. Suck them, Jake.”

I smiled like the dirty bastard I was. Hearing his name from her like that didn’t bother me. Surprisingly, it turned me on more, because it was her.

This was how she was. Who she was. A woman who took control of her body and her desires. A woman who reveled in them.

“Yes, so good,” she moaned.

There was no room for jealousy or possession tonight—only pleasure.

He bent his head to her breasts, sucking on her rosy nipples, as I moved down her body, tugging at the top of her lace panties.

She wriggled against my hands, and I leaned closer, licking a path across the edge of the lace then tugging it down, exposing the top of her cheeks.

“I love that, Finn. Love it so much.”

My name on her lips made my dick twitch.

Her breathing turned faster, her pants intensifying. As I glanced up, I saw my best friend’s face buried in the valley of her tits.

The moment was beyond surreal.

I ought to be a towering inferno of jealousy.

I wasn’t at all.

I was hard as stone, my bones humming with lust as Lily’s noises told me what she needed, as her sounds floated into my ears.

Just as I was about to tell her what I wanted to do to her, she took the reins once more.

“I need to see both of you,” she said. “I need you naked. Need to see what I’ve done to your cocks.”

What the woman wanted, the woman would get.



This was how I imagined it.

I was lying on top of the covers on the king-size bed, wearing only my soaked panties, my stockings, and my heels.

And my men were shedding their clothes for me. Ties came unknotted. Shirts were unbuttoned.

Pants unzipped.

My right hand—that dirty, greedy bitch—raced down my waist, on a fast track for the ache between my legs. Lazily, I stroked the soaked panel of my panties as they kicked off their pants.

I breathed the longest sigh of satisfaction in my life as they stood in boxer briefs at the foot of the bed.

“Show me your cocks. Show me what I’ve done to you,” I instructed, and it was exhilarating. It was intoxicating to issue those commands in this moment.

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