“I couldn’t resist.” I laughed. “I love how serious you get about finding just the right description. Your brow furrows and everything. It’s adorable.”

“And since you’re having nightly sex and getting your own G-spot Os, now I’m going to have to find a way to taunt you with something.”

“Nightly and every morning,” I corrected as I handed her the dress.

“Evil. You’re pure evil.”

I glanced around the store. The shopkeeper was working in the front, helping another patron. “Also, how are you going to taunt me?” I asked, since the cat in me was downright curious.

Kate tapped her chin. “Hmm. Thinking . . . thinking . . . wait! I’ve got it.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. “Do you realize that the deepest, most powerful G-spot Os come from one thing in particular?”

“And what is this one thing, Great Scientist of Os?”

“Just a little thing you’ve always wanted,” she said airily.

“Tell me!” Now my curiosity was piqued sky-high.

She lifted a brow. Raised her chin. Put on her best I’ve got something you’re going to want tone. “A ménage. You know, the kind with . . .” She let her voice trail off, and I filled in the dots. The kind with two men servicing me at the same time.

A frisson of pleasure rushed down my chest, pulsing between my legs at the mere thought.

The daring, dangerous thought.

I swallowed, almost like I’d been caught doing something naughty. Wanting something I haven’t had. Wanting my deepest, most private fantasy.

“How do you know I want that?” I asked.

She stared sharply at me. “You confessed a few years ago over two truths and a lie that a threesome with two guys was your ultimate fantasy.”

“You remember that?”

She rolled her hazel eyes. “As if I’d forget.”

“That was just a drinking game.”

She arched a brow. “Ah, Lily, my sweet Lily, you only look innocent. You’ve wanted to be the filling in a man sandwich for years.”

A flush crept across my cheeks. A tingle raced down my spine as I imagined my favorite videos, my regular go-tos. Kate wasn’t wrong, but those fantasies, those wild, dirty desires had been tabled. And with good reason—you didn’t just order up a side dish of a second hot guy to go along with the smart, devoted, and sexy-as-sin guy you were marrying in a few months.

“But I’m engaged now,” I said, pointing out the obvious.

Kate folded the dress once more then winked at me. “This dress is on me if Finn doesn’t say yes when you ask him for one.”

I gasped. Literally gasped. Because how the hell could I ask for such a thing? “I’m not asking him for one.”

“What’s the worst he can say? No?”

I pulled on my jeans and grabbed my blouse. “Um, how about ‘the wedding is off?’”

She waved her hand in the air, like a celebutante dismissing a passé pair of yoga pants. “You never know unless you try.”

“But I don’t want to take that chance.”

As I buttoned my blouse, I tried to imagine my fiancé’s response. Sure, Finn and I role-played. True, we were adventuresome, and yes, we engaged in public quickies now and again.

Okay, more than now and again. A lot.

We did not have a boring sex life whatsoever.

But one with that particular kind of kink? It was hard to picture because Finn was so completely focused on me. That type of fantasy role-play—a third party—had never entered our nightly repertoire.

Kate drew a deep breath, moved closer, and whispered, “But do you truly think he’d say no?”

“It doesn’t matter because it won’t happen.”

Kate dropped her voice, taunting me. “But you’re thinking about it.”

That was what was so crazy, I realized later that night when Finn stripped off my clothes. I was thinking about it as I succumbed to the first of many Os he’d give me.

What would it be like with two men focused on me, and only me? Would it be as wild and wicked as it was in my imagination?



Tonight, I was a cop.

And the suspect was so damn naughty.

“Hands against the wall,” I growled.

“What did I do wrong?” she asked, sounding legit concerned. Like she really might be in trouble with the law. The way she committed to the character stoked my desire. Made me even hotter for her.

My voice was all command. “I ask the questions. I give the orders.”

Lily trembled as she splayed her palms against the wall in our living room. “What are you going to order me to do?”

“What are you going to order me to do, Officer?” I corrected her.

She repeated the question back at me.

“Spread your legs,” I rasped.

She widened her stance. I tapped the toe of my boot against one ankle, then the other, kicking her legs open wider. “You’re being taken into police custody for a crime you keep committing.”

“What’s the crime, Officer?”

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