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My dick was leaking, and if she’d gotten my cock in her mouth before, I don’t know that I could have held off from coming.

Especially when I looked up and saw her taking Finn deep. My eyes nearly popped.

The lucky fucking bastard.

She could take a dick, and she could take it all the way, just how I liked it.

Like a ravenous woman, she sucked him deep. He kneeled beside her, his palms splayed on the headboard, fucking her mouth while I ate her pussy.

Her delicious, decadent, fantastic pussy.

My absolute favorite thing to eat. My favorite appetizer, my favorite meal, and my favorite dessert in the whole damn world.

And a perfect chance to work on getting her ready for the main event.

As she wrapped her legs around my neck, her heels digging into my back, I rubbed my fingers against her wet folds.

She arched, rocking her hips, letting me know with her body that she liked the direction.

“Yeah, you’re such a good bad girl,” Finn said as he worked her mouth.

She was so goddamn good. And so slippery. I slid my finger all the way in and was rewarded with another lift of her hips. I added another finger, and she bucked against me.

“You’re so fucking good at taking me deep. You make me want to fill your mouth with my come,” he said.

And I felt her pussy pulse against my lips, felt her thighs tighten against my face. She liked those dirty words. Correction: she loved them, judging from the way her beautiful diamond of a clit hardened further as he talked dirty to her.

“But I’m not going to let you taste me, baby. You know why?”

She shook her head as I removed my fingers from her pussy. They were wet enough for my mission.

“Because you have to come again first. Because I bet Jake wants to know how you taste when you come all over his face,” he said.

Finn and I hadn’t scripted this. We didn’t plan this out. But I fucking knew what I was doing right now, and Finn did, too. We were playing her body like a cello. We were making her hit the high notes. And a woman like this? Who wanted us both at the same time? There was one surefire way to make her sing.

I pressed the tip of my finger against her ass. She tensed briefly, but then her knees fell open. Her legs spread wide, inviting me to enter her ass as I licked her pussy. I pushed my finger all the way in.

Finn must have pulled out of her mouth at that moment, almost as if we had coordinated it, because Lily shrieked, announcing her orgasm like the room was on fire. “Coming, oh God, I’m coming.”

She came all over my lips, my mouth, my tongue. She came like a champion, and I wanted to give her a gold medal. And myself, too, because I didn’t even have to think about ducks or kittens. I was so focused on her pleasure that I didn’t think about staving off my own. And I let myself savor every second of her orgasm on my face.

Her second orgasm seemed stronger than the first.

I resisted thumping my chest. There was no place for that here.

There was only room for more.



Theoretically, I should have been sated.

Two insane, toe-curling, sheet-gripping orgasms ought to have been enough to make me grin, stretch, and linger in the afterglow.

And I was glowing.

I was absolutely shining from the sheer intensity of the climaxes these men had wrung from my body, one right after the other.

But I wasn’t sated.

I was ravenous. A hot, wet mess, and greedy for more.

Tonight was a door opened to a new land. A place with more pleasure, more desire than I’d ever felt before.

Finn leaned down and kissed my mouth, but he wasn’t claiming my lips this time. This kiss was tender, and it came with a question. “You ready for the next part, baby?”

A whoosh of tingles rushed down my body. “Yes. So ready.”

“We need to make sure. Need to get this perfect body one hundred percent primed,” he said softly as he ran his palm over my belly. Jake joined in with gentle ministrations, skimming his palms over my thighs.

“Let’s take these shoes off,” Jake murmured, then removed each heel, setting them on the carpeted floor.

“Leave the stockings on,” I said, because there was nothing sexier than stockings only.

He smirked. “Of course.”

Both men settled onto the bed, Finn facing me, Jake moving behind me. Finn reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand, handing it to his best friend.

“Her ass is so spectacular, you’re going to need to numb your dick so you don’t embarrass yourself,” Finn said.

I felt Jake laugh against my back and mutter, “You’re such an asshole.”

And I smiled, loving that the two of them could shift so easily from sex gods serving me to buddies who ribbed each other.

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