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My breath came faster as I did as I was told, keeping a slow and sensual pace riding Finn. My fiancé wrapped his arms around me, his hands roping through my hair, as Jake swept his fingers over the curves of my rear, teasing, playing, making sure I could handle it.

Could I?

We wouldn’t know till he tried, but in the meantime, I was already halfway to heaven just from Finn’s shaft. I swiveled my hips, moving slow and steady, feeling the glorious length of him inside me.

Then I felt something new.

Something that sent a fresh wave of sparks down my spine. Jake’s tongue. Jake’s lips. His mouth cruised over my rear, kissing the top of my ass, then he licked a path down to that spot where my cheek met my thigh. He murmured against my skin, “So fucking sexy.”

And I entered another world of pleasure. His words, his tongue. The wild sensations swirling inside me.

He brushed kisses across my rear, not quite touching me in the darkest spot, but coming close, so daringly close. His tongue flicking and teasing almost, almost. The tingles turned into sparks. No, they were fireworks. Everything inside me felt like the night sky lit up on a holiday.

I heard the opening of the condom wrapper, then more lube squirting.

All those sensations morphed into heat, to hot, tight pressure as I felt the first breach of his crown against me. He was slick, coated in lube, and I groaned at the intrusion.

Finn’s hand wrapped tighter around my head, his lips near my ear. “We got you, baby. Just relax.”

I sank down deeper onto Finn, my ass lifting as Jake’s hands wrapped around my hips. He pushed, sinking farther into me. For a second, I held my breath from the intensity—the temporary pain that shot into pleasure in seconds. This wasn’t my first time at the rear-end rodeo, but there was always that moment when you weren’t sure. Those seconds when you hovered between pain and pleasure until your body took.


And somehow, miraculously, made room.

This was a whole new language of sensuality.

An entirely new way of having sex.

I was bathed in erotic sensations as I let myself relax into the sheer fullness. The incredible, heavy feeling of being taken completely. Of the entire core of my body consumed by two beautiful men.

Like this, I could barely move. My skin started to sizzle; my body began to shudder.

Then I realized they’d taken over.

They were both moving in me, Finn fucking up into me, Jake thrusting deep into my ass.

Could they feel each other? Or were they like me? Unable to tell up from down, right from left? Right now, I was adrift in otherworldly sensations. In the sheer relentless intensity of my wildest dreams come true. Electricity crackled in my veins as waves of pleasure crashed over me, each one making me sink under, deeper into the abyss of ecstasy.

“Talk to me, baby,” Finn rasped out, his voice low and rough. “You okay?”

“So good. I’m so good,” I panted as Jake’s cock hit the end of me, and I cried out, seeing the first glow of stars.

Because holy fucking pleasure. Holy threesome. Holy trio of absolute decadent erotic bliss.

This. Was. It.

This was the pinnacle, and my reality teetered. It wobbled with each stroke from below me. With each thrust from above.

With every move from the men sandwiching me, I spiraled further into an erotic state, with lust and want consuming every molecule of my body.

“So intense. Feels so good,” I murmured, my head falling into the crook of Finn’s neck.

“It’s the hottest thing ever,” Finn growled.

And Jake groaned. A deep, rumbling sound, like he’d been gritting his teeth, holding back words until then, and suddenly, he let them loose. “Fuck, Lily. Your ass. It’s so fucking hot. So fucking tight.”

I trembled. Darts of pleasure shot through my body from his dirty praise.

His words must have set off Finn because the man beneath me was swearing and pumping harder into me. “Yeah, you’re so fucking wet on my dick. You fucking love this, don’t you?”

What I loved was every single thing, and especially now that they were talking to me, not about me. I loved that in the heat of the moment, as I hovered on the edge, their dirty words were for me, to me.

“Yes, God, yes. I love it all. I’m close, so close.”

“I’m close, too,” Finn said, his pace turning relentless and igniting a tightening in my belly. “You’re mine, and I need to feel you coming all over me.”

My pussy clenched, gripping him tighter as the first sign of release appeared on the horizon. That telltale tension in my core. That aching torture of impending pleasure.

I started to move again, to rise up as best I could, then down, and that tripped the wires in me. I unraveled as I felt Jake go deeper into my ass, touching parts of me that had never been touched like this before, all while Finn filled me to the hilt.

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