My heart somersaults. He’s so close to voicing what I feel, something worth rocking the boat with my best friend. “Since when?”

He gazes at me, stroking my arms, threading his hands in my hair. “I can’t stop touching you. I just can’t.”

“Don’t stop, then.”

Curling a big hand around the back of my head, he draws me in for another kiss. My skin tingles, and pleasure tightens in me, swirling in my core.

“Since high school,” he answers when he breaks the kiss. “High school and college and ever since.”

I smile a big, dopey grin. “Same here.”



I seal my mouth to his, kissing him in a tender, gentle way I hope intoxicates him like he’s done to me.

He sweeps his tongue over mine, and we’re both melting into each other. We kiss for long minutes, the jets of the hot tub hitting us, the bubbles jamming out their own background soundtrack, the snow tumbling from the sky. I’m falling, too, under the spell of tonight. Falling far. Falling hard.

“What took us so long to do this?” he asks when we stop.


I need to remember what this is.

I can’t fall harder. I need to fall out.

Right now, we are only passing the time. This is a plan to get him out of my system. To eradicate all my wild emotions so I can walk away and finally stop comparing other men to him.

I’m having him, so I can move on from him.

But it feels so good to tell him what I want. “Maybe because a certain someone didn’t want us to,” I tease.

Laughing, he sets a finger to my lips. “Don’t say her name. It’s just you and me tonight.”

And that reminds me yet again that this is for tonight. So I’ll take tonight. I run my hands through his damp hair. “By the way, I presume you’re spending the night.”

He laughs, tossing his head back. “You’re not kicking me out now, snow bunny. The roads are closed, the snow isn’t stopping, and I don’t even have any service on my cell.”

“You need a cell to drive?”

“I need a cell if there’s a problem. I’m a fireman. We’re trained to deal with emergencies, and I find it best if we don’t cause any, but should I encounter any, I want to be prepared. A working cell helps.”

I wiggle my eyebrows. “Well, you can put out the fires here, then.”

He gazes appreciatively at me as he slides his hands along my thighs. “You got a fire I need to extinguish?”

I dip my hand between his legs and squeeze his erection. “I think we both do.”

He groans, his eyelids hooded. “Fuck, that’s good.”

I bury my face in his neck, kissing my way to his ear. “Want to pass the time again?”

“Hell, yeah.”

I rub against him, kissing him, getting us both so worked up we’re groaning and gasping, and I’m sure the deer and woodland creatures are cringing and covering their ears in embarrassment.

But before we do it in the water, I set my hands on his chest. “Hot tubs are great, but I’d really like to get you in my mouth, and also not drown nor have you freeze.”

“Enough said.”

Seconds later, we’ve grabbed our clothes and keys, scurried inside, and locked the door behind us. I tell him to sit on the couch in front of the fireplace.

With the fire warming my skin, I drop down to my knees and take his cock in my hand, savoring the velvety steel of his length. He jerks against me, my name like a dirty prayer on his lips.

One firm stroke and I let go and dip my head between his legs. I wrap my lips around his shaft, taking him in deep.

“Fuck, Vanessa,” he says, and his hands dart into my hair.

Drawing him in, I thrill at the wonderful reality. This man is mine tonight.

He’s resplendent like this, with his thick, strong legs spread, his big arms around my head, his body slouched into the couch. I cup his balls, toying with them as I suck.

He tastes so damn good because it’s him. As I bring him to the back of my throat, he grunts, making the dirtiest sounds. Then he thrusts hard, nearly making me gag.

In a split second, he stops, yanks me up, and stares at me with wild, dirty eyes. “Get on my face while you do that.”


“Yes.” He slides down so he’s flat on the couch. “I need to eat this pussy while you suck me dry.”

A spark ignites in me, lit in my core and spiraling through my body from his filthy words. “I’ve never sixty-nined,” I admit.

He blinks. “No?”


He sighs, like a satisfied man. “That’s fucking awesome. That’s the hottest thing anyone has ever said to me. I’m going to come so hard, baby. You okay with that?”

I smile sheepishly. “I think I’ll like it.”

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