The kiss went on and on, and it could have lasted the whole afternoon for all I knew. I lost track of everything but the feel of her, the way she responded, the sweet little murmurs she made as we collided, mouths, lips, teeth, and tongue coming together.

Eventually, we came up for air, lips bruised from another epic kiss.

“It’s never been like this before,” she said, her voice breathy, her cheeks rosy.

“The way we kiss?”

“Yes,” she said, her fingers brushing against my neck. “No one has ever kissed me the way you do, William.”

There it was. My name on her lips, melting me again for her. “Good. I can’t stand the thought of anyone else ever kissing you,” I said, running my index finger across her lower lip. “And by the way, I’m still madly in love with you. And I just wanted to say that.”

“Wait. Last night it was falling in love. Now it’s been bumped up to madly in love?” she raised an eyebrow playfully.

“Can you fault me for falling this fast? I think you’re amazing, so you only have yourself to blame for how quickly it happened. And now, I have something for you.”

“For me?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m madly in love with a girl who loves romantic comedies. You think I’m going to let you be the only one with a gift?”

A smile tugged up the corners of her lips as I grabbed the gift I’d left on the table. “I hope you’ll forgive me for not wrapping it, but here it is,” I said, handing her a stack of flash cards.

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity and wonder as she considered the first card. A photo of an auburn-haired woman wearing cat’s eye glasses.

“Jasmine Spoonville,” she said as she ran her finger over the photo I’d printed out, then she flipped the card, reading aloud the details. “Publicist for Dr. Jade. The rising hip-hop star.” She slid it under the pile, moving onto the next one. “Chase Henry.” The bleached-blond publicist with plugs in both ears flashed his teeth at Jess. “Reps Protracted Envy. I love their music. I read about their new album in On the Surface last week. LA’s hottest band. This is like a treasure chest,” she said as she held the stack tight against her chest.

I nodded. “I noticed you didn’t have publicist cards for rock stars. Or even take photos of rock stars very often. And a ton of musicians are in LA, and my brother gave me intel on them. I thought this could be a way to expand your repertoire. I know it won’t make up for the loss of the wedding shot, but it’s a start, right?”

“It’s a huge start,” she said, throwing her arms around my neck, the cards still in her hands. “I never even thought about focusing on rock stars. Beyond the obvious ones. But this is incredible, and I love it. And you.”

“Excellent. Now go put those cards down because I have other plans for you.”

* * *


* * *

His plans involved hiking my skirt up to my hips and scooting me onto the kitchen table. One of his legs came between mine, and he used it to spread me open. Then he moved closer, tugging off my shirt and feathering his hands across the bare skin of my shoulders, arms, and then my waist. Mapping my body, like an intrepid explorer, eagerly discovering new lands, he roamed his hands up the soft skin of my belly and around to my back. I trembled from his touch, letting my head fall back as he found the clasp of my bra, unhooked it, and dropped it into a chair. Then he cupped my breasts and moaned appreciatively.

“If you ever can’t find me, it’s because I got lost touching your breasts,” he said, as he ran his thumbs under, over, all around.

I laughed. “I think I’d know where to find you, if that’s where you were.”

“I could spend all day here,” he said, lowering his head to my chest to plant kisses all across my flesh.

My laugh turned into a needy groan as he teased me with his tongue, then nipped me with his teeth. His soft hair brushed against my skin, a sweet reminder of all the ways he could touch me, all the sensations he brought to my body. I slid one hand to the back of his head, holding him against me. He flicked his tongue across me, continuing his slow, sensual torture. Heat spread like wildfire in my veins, and I ached with desire for him.

I couldn’t take a slow tease right now. In the grand scheme of time, it hadn’t been long since he’d made love to me. The blink of an eye, the tick of the second hand on the clock, but in the narrow span of my life, it felt like ages since I’d had him. And I desperately wanted him inside me. Wanted to be filled up by him. Wanted to feel his hard length slide inside of me, where I was hot and ready for him.

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