Samuel stared into her face for long moments, his eyes gleaming, then asked, “What right have you to be so beautiful?” This caused Dina to flush even more hotly. Seeing her shyness, he chuckled gently and stole a kiss from her lips before rising from the bed.

Standing by the edge of the bed, Samuel swiftly removed his clothes. Dina watched as he pulled his shirt off to reveal a strong, hairless chest and solid abs. His shoulders and arms were broadly muscled and as beautifully formed as the rest of him. She was surprised and turned on by the tattoo he had over his right shoulder, taking up most of his upper arm. Her fascination for his incredible body grew as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants.

Dina’s throat tightened when she saw the tent in his underwear. He looked immense. Her heart began to pound as she realized she’d never been with someone so large. Her limited experience with men had left her little with which to make comparisons, but even she could tell Samuel was definitely not your average male in any sense. Especially when he pulled his underwear down his legs and let his throbbing erection spring out.

Dina had to stifle a loud gasp, her eyes growing wide in awe. She felt her body tremble in excitement and consternation as she stared at his long, thick and hard member. A slow sexy grin tilted his lips while he surveyed her like a predator does prey.

Then he moved with panther-like grace over her once more and slowly began to peel off her clothes. “Dina,” he muttered huskily, eyes darkening with hunger as each part of her became revealed to him.

Unable to stop him or even protest, Dina saw every inch of cover being stripped from her. Right down to her panties, which he rolled sensuously down her thighs to her calves and then pulled them free of her ankles.

Her naked form was spread beneath him and this time it was Samuel staring. Her body was straight out of a fantasy. She had perfect breasts – large and bouncy, with thick, hardened nipples surrounded by dark chocolate areoles. Her concave stomach flared into a hint of rounded hips embedded at the center with her smooth-shaven pubic mound.

Between her long gorgeous legs, a glint of clear liquid trickled from within the swollen inner lips of her caramel vagina. Samuel slowly bent his head and began to kiss the inside of her silky thighs, as she moaned in excitement. He drew her knees farther apart, kissing higher along the warm flesh bared so erotically to him. Her smooth, unblemished skin welcomed his tongue to worship her from head to toe, starting from that secret center so delightfully formed and scented.

“Samuel…what…what are you doing?” Dina asked breathlessly, leaning up on her elbows to stare at his face drawing closer to her sex.

He arched up a brow in surprise. “What I’ve been dreaming of doing all night. I’m going to eat you, Dina. I feel like if I don’t right now, my brain will explode with how hungry I am for a taste.”

“ already made me come and I haven’t even done anything for you,” she whispered, neck burning in embarrassment.

“This is for me,” he told her. He then pushed her legs apart even wider, before lifting them, which caused Dina to fall back on the mattress. Staring down at her swollen sex, Samuel bit down a curse. The scent of her excitement and seeing her beautiful inner folds had his mouth watering.

With a feral groan, he dropped his head and planted his tongue within her spread, pulsing nether lips. Hearing her sudden scream of pleasure was like music to his ears.

He tongued her deep, setting off fireworks behind her eyelids. Her trembling thighs wrapped around his neck as she grasped his hair. “Yes! Oh yes!” Dina moaned, feeling neurons of ecstasy electrify her from in and out. She’d climaxed once already and this time, she could enjoy Samuel’s skilled ministrations for longer than she’d have imagined. Each moment was like a spin through paradise.

It felt like his tongue was everywhere at once. Dina closed her eyes tight and bucked with pleasure at each thrust. He sucked on her clit with vigor, causing her to almost scream herself hoarse. Though she took longer to come this time, the result was even more explosive. How could he do this to her twice, within such a short span and so effortlessly?

Dina realized she’d possibly never had a real orgasm till Samuel showed her what it truly felt like. Like the bottom of her stomach was falling out and the blood rushed and swelled between her legs while her brain imploded with the sensory conquest. It was magical, leaving her eager to learn more.

“So beautiful,” Samuel whispered, as he moved his lips back up to hers. For the first time, Dina tasted her essences on another’s lips and it was so carnal and euphoric.

“Can I taste you now?” Dina blurted the words eagerly, surprised at how, little by little, she was gaining this incredible sexual confidence.