“Then come. Please come with me,” Dina panted, then arched as her orgasm slammed into her with tumultuous force.

“Ahhh!” groaned Samuel. His release was violent in the way it possessed him. The second it hit him, he already knew he wanted to feel this way again, many, many more times tonight. Just a taste and he was ready to gorge himself on this new height of pleasure he’d found in his caramel-skinned goddess.

Breath ragged, Samuel set her back on the pillows. Dina felt several more aftershocks jerk through her system as she tried to gather her scattered brain cells. Slowly, reality dawned and she could focus on her blue-eyed lover who gazed down at her so intensely.

There was so much desire for her in his eyes. He kissed her lips softly while his warm hands rubbed down her body. His lips slid to her neck, sucking on her skin and making her moan with pleasure.

“I want you again,” he rumbled against her flesh, now kissing her breasts as he ground his body against hers, wanting in. Dina knew she had zero chance of refusing him anything. Whatever he wanted, was his. For tonight, she surrendered again and again, till only fulfilment and liberation remained.


“Please, Samuel.”

Dina was moaning loudly, her fingers in his hair. His sheathed hardness rubbed against her, tormenting her. She couldn’t take it anymore. He’d built her arousal and his to a dangerous capacity. Now she panted and begged him to put it in, the pool of need forming in the pit of her stomach spreading wider, and wider.

Then, without warning, he thrust in with one hard stroke, making her gasp. She grabbed his hair tighter with every proceeding thrust, groaning her name while telling her how good she felt.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as he ground into her, trailing moist kisses down her neck to her breasts. Samuel nipped and sucked on them, causing endless breathy moans to fall from her lips. His thrusts became deeper and rougher as he picked up his pace.

He felt as good inside her as the first time. No, even better. “Samuel,” she half-moaned, then put her fist to her mouth to block the desperate sounds of pleasure escaping.

“Don’t. I like it when you say my name.” His eyes held a compelling gleam. Then he stared down between them, adding, “See, baby, how good we look together.”

Dina arched up to take in the view of Samuel’s raging shaft sliding in and out of her moist lips. She ran her hands all over his strong physique, his skin paler than hers, and defined with manly muscle that made her throat and vagina tighten. He pushed in deeper, and Dina cried out, watching again as he sank inside to the balls.

“You, my beauty, are much too tempting,” he growled. “You feel just as good as you look and taste. It drives me crazy the way your walls are clenching around me.”

“Ahhh! Samuel,” she screamed at the pleasure-pain of his strokes. Even after the first time, he still felt so massive. She loved it, reveled in it. A tear escaped the corner of her eye and he kissed it, moving his hips back and forth. “You’re so sweet, baby,” he said. “Move with me.”

Dina nodded, and matched her hips to his rhythm. The delicious agony was topped by tremors of pleasure, and she held on for dear life as Samuel edged her to the far side of ecstasy.

For those moments when he guided her through the carnal maze of bliss, he was the sun. And she was falling into him, a wondrous abandonment of self. Never had she felt such power in surrender, to feel herself elevated even within her submission. For the rest of the night, it would be a feast of discovery, and never would she have wished for a better tutor than her thrilling, dominant and generous lover…


The next morning came, and Dina woke to the sounds of the shower running.

She smiled, stretching out her limbs with a moan from the memories of the night before. She imagined a wet, naked Samuel behind the bathroom door and her folds seemed to swell and throb with renewed need.

Without hesitation, she jumped from the bed and went straight for the bathroom and opened the door. She was surprised when a hand pulled her into the steamy confines.

Her back was suddenly planted against the marble wall, and before her stood Samuel, his face half-hidden in shadow and mist. Dina’s heart beat faster as she felt his gaze on her mouth.

“Sam..Samuel,” she stammered as he slowly leaned in, his breath fanning her lips and making her tingle. She felt hypnotized, again feeling like prey being appraised with dangerous intent. It was almost like he could see beneath her very skin, to her rushing veins.

He hushed her with a finger to his mouth, his other hand wrapping around her throat. It didn’t linger there, and just as she began to gasp, he slid his hand down the center of her chest. He nestled his face in her neck and sucked on the supple skin.

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