All her traveling and globe-trotting always made her moments back home feel all the more precious. Today was particularly warm in the fields, and the daisies and lake looked bright and welcoming, reflecting in every hue. There was hardly ever anyone around to break the tranquil environment, except for maybe a tractor or truck with supplies going on their way.

The serenity in these moments gave Dina a peace that nothing else could. She was still a simple girl at heart, it seemed. And she wouldn’t trade it for all the world-weary wisdom that life could offer.

Days later, it was time to pack up her quiet farm life, say goodbye to her beloved grandparents and catch a flight to Paris. It was her second visit, after the first time she went holidaying there and became this sought-after figure.

Dina was the newest face of a line of designer perfumes with its base in Paris, which meant she was going for work. But she fully intended to have some fun, too – while stealing some moments to paint, of course.

She’d packed a small canvas to take with her on her brief tour. Much as she’d come to love modeling, it didn’t inspire her the way painting did. She felt excited at the thought of the experiences and new memories awaiting her on her trip.


Samuel Franklin glanced at his phone as he returned from his reviving shower. He had a missed call from Marek, his stylist. He’d have to call the guy back – one did not simply ignore a call from the Marek, who had a client list featuring not just A-list celebs but even presidents.

Samuel suspected Marek was calling about Samuel’s look for the upcoming party – a party Samuel couldn’t decide if he wanted to attend or not.

He stood in front of the picture window of his family’s Paris penthouse, drinking in the view and thinking how much he liked the city. He should be taking in the night sights, preferably with someone special. But the billionaire heir to the Franklin automotive business had no one special to call his own.

All he had were sure-thing women—socialites, heiresses and supermodels—willing to grace his bed, but inspiring no desire in him for anything more than a few hours’ fun.

Samuel was getting bored meeting the same women again and again. Was it too much to hope he’d meet one who would interest him in more than just her bra size? At least just once, he’d like that.

Shaking his head at how sentimental he was getting over nothing, he reached for his phone. He’d return Marek’s call, he decided. Much as Samuel didn’t feel up to it, it was his party and the last thing he wanted was to stiff the club owners. He was much too professional for that, and he took his partying very seriously. One nice thing about playing the international party boy was that if you did it well enough, for long enough, people would actually start paying you to host them.

He’d do what he had to do tonight, but only for an hour or two. Samuel just wasn’t in the mood for the same old thing. No hell-raising till three in the morning like he used to.


Somewhere across town, Dina and the other girls who’d come for the fashion tour were readying to head out. They’d had a hectic day shooting around the city and were eager to unwind. Dina had made friends with Sally, Iliana and Cherise soon after she got into modeling big-time. They were around her age and had been the first to make her feel welcome in a highly competitive and even cut-throat industry.

Iliana was originally from Greece and was one of the most in-demand supermodels. She got them invited to the best parties. Tonight, they were headed for one such exclusive event at the hottest nightclub in the city.

Dina had never been the nightclubbing or partying type, and normally would beg off an outing like this. Yet somehow, tonight felt different and she decided to try it out for the experience. Iliana had assured them the club was a lot of fun and the best place to be seen while in Paris.

Dina wasn’t really looking for more than a few hours’ diversion. No doubt the club would offer some hot activity to go with the glitz and glamor of Paris nightlife.

When the four girls arrived at the spacious, multi-level club, it took only moments to see why it was such a hot spot. Its avant-garde and hip setting, awesome music and fashionable crowd drew you in before you even knew it. She could tell it was just the spot celebs would choose to enjoy dancing, letting loose and living it up.

Her friends definitely hadn’t picked wrong tonight. Dina looked around her in awed delight, the pumping music causing her heart to beat faster and her cheeks to flush with excitement.

Once they arrived, they were invited right into the VIP section. The girls were highly sought-after in the business and were easily recognizable from their ads. Dina was really impressed by the service, from the European influenced menu, to the provocative live art displays and of course, the energetic vibes the DJ spun endlessly. It was a Vegas-like club in the heart of Paris and Dina was quite ready to raise the roof with the rest of her model friends.