Dina walked back over to him, and it felt like the most natural thing to do to slip her arms around his waist. She tipped her head back and looked up at him. She always felt the earth shift when she stared deeply into his vast blue eyes. There was never a time it didn’t stir emotion in her, a deep sensation of safety and oneness. And it grew stronger every day.

“I love you,” she said suddenly, plainly. She’d never said the words before and a second ago, hadn’t even known she was about to say them. Yet they’d surged out of her like an epiphany.


She rested her head against his chest and sighed. His heart beating was the best music she’d ever heard. She could rarely fall asleep without the sound beneath her cheek, soothing her with its reassurance. It was steady and deep, just like the man who’d taken over her world and turned it the right side up when she’d needed it the most.

She placed a hand on the back of his head and drew him down for a kiss. A very hot and moist kiss filled with sensuality and feeling.

Samuel groaned against her lips, gathering her up against his body, his hardness nudging her stomach. “I take it that’s a yes,” he rumbled, gathering her firm bottom in his palms and giving a squeeze.

“Mmm…oh!” Dina gasped, the air spinning from sultry to sexual to out of control. Their lips merged as if by magnetic force, and Samuel backed them out of the bedroom. The nearest bed seemed too far away, across the hall so he pushed her high against the wall, her legs lifting to wrap around his waist.

Thank goodness for all that post-pregnancy yoga, thought Dina, as her husband hiked up her skirt and aimed his freed member straight for her dripping center. Her back arched keenly against the wall at that first rapier thrust that sent him deep inside her.

Her resultant cry was muffled by his mouth slamming hard over hers. Raunchy, deviant and explosive. It could still get that way between them, even three months after the twins were born and with all the hectic parenting that went with having twins. But neither Dina nor Samuel would trade that for the world.

As such, moments when they could steal the time to ravish each other became like gold.

“I love you, baby,” Samuel said, his hips ramping upward to hit deep into her sweet spot and making her gasp in ecstasy. “You give me everything I’ll ever need.”

“So do you – uhhnn!” Dina grunted with pleasure, feeling the way he angled just that bit to the left and rammed. Shit. She loved how big he was and how she could feel him in every crevice. “You always feel so damn good, darling.”

Samuel groaned in her ear, his face buried against her neck. With her pinned against the wall, he powered in several deep-rooted strokes. Her slickness doubled, drenching his thrusting staff that pumped in and out of her with piston force.

There was only so much time before the next feeding, or when the twins would wake up and want up so this was no opportunity for a marathon session. Besides, these hard, fast romps against any given surface were usually the best kind, as they both could attest.

Dina had never known true chaos, or true peace, until Samuel. Yet the pain and the pleasure would always be worth it. And she’d never forget to show him every day and in every little way, that he’d given her the world. Not the transient parts like luxury, prestige and abundance. But the joy that equaled what she felt when her two little boys smiled at her at the same time.

It was great that they both set up careers that kept them at home, Dina with her painting and planning for the kids’ fashion line, and Samuel with his new car design company that was all set to take off. Dina had since reconciled with Samuel’s family, and she definitely felt relieved they didn’t seem to blame her for the fact that Samuel chose to do his own thing rather than run the family firm.

Dina would always be grateful that things were working out so well. And even the times they didn’t work out, she’d still be grateful. She lovingly kissed her husband’s lips, hips gliding and rolling in anticipation of that kidney-quaking orgasm she knew was close.

“You like it, baby? You want it?” he growled, thrusting with that perfect aim that had her walls pulsating in helpless counterbalance.

“You know I do. Darling, I’m almost there. Don’t stop,” panted Dina, staring deep into his eyes as she said the words.

Samuel cursed under his breath, his head falling back for a moment before he straightened again and regained control. He had a sinister look of intent on his face that made Dina quiver inside and out. This is going to feel so incredibly good, his gleaming eyes seemed to say. Better be ready, baby.

Dina didn’t think she could ever be ready for one of Samuel’s rollercoaster-spinning orgasms. When he made her feel his power, his dominance and his need. All that give and take – and he’d been the one man who showed her what that really meant. He held her hips down atop his and it felt like every muscle he owned rippled and tensed.

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