Someone bumped into him from behind, giving off a faint scent of sultry perfume even as a breathy voice said, “Sorry. I lost my footing there.”

Samuel drew in a harsh breath and spun around, grabbing her light-brown shoulders as he caught her trying to steady herself. It was her. Honey blossom.

“What did you say?” she chuckled, looking up at him in quizzical amusement.

Samuel only just realized he’d called her those words out loud – honey blossom – and he instantly felt a wash of color brush his cheekbones. He had to curb this little infatuation of his, he told himself. She was delightful and exotic, but not the most beautiful woman he’d come across. Why did she have this power over his senses? What would it take to have her even for a night, so he could work it out of his system?

“It’s nothing,” he said, letting a smile tease the corner of his lips. He slowly released her, while drinking in her beauty. She must have been dancing; a dewy glow that had nothing to do with makeup highlighted her smooth, creamy skin. Her lips were a comely shade of nude he wanted to kiss as he sucked her mouth whole. Her full breasts thrust out as she threw her head back to look up at him – he was much taller than her despite her considerable height.

“Actually, it’s quite a coincidence,” he said, resisting the urge to grab her wrist as she seemed ready to walk on past him.

She paused, his words making her eyebrows arch. “Oh?”

“I was thinking how much I hoped we’d run into each other – and we just did,” added Samuel, blue eyes twinkling.

“Ah…” she said slowly, taking in the joke. “Run into each other, right. And so we have. Was there any particular thing you wanted?”

Yes, you. In my bed, naked. Knees up, thighs wide, my face buried in your swollen bud as I drive you to orgasm with just my tongue. Of course, Samuel did not speak such lecherous words out loud. To keep his thoughts from being exposed, he hooded his gaze, schooling his features into his most charming smile.

“For starters, you look parched. Allow me to pour you a drink.” He didn’t wait for a reply, but turned to the bar and filled two glasses with choice liquor.

To his inner delight, she took the glass and lifted it to her lips while keeping her eyes locked with his. Samuel watched her drink, following the roll of her slender throat. Fuck. She not only smelled of sex, but looked like it in every gesture. She’d tantalized him with her decadently feminine scent when she’d brushed against him, and now every gesture she made had him thinking of the different positions in which he could claim her sexy body.

A man had come to the bar with his female companion clinging to him. She was beautiful, a shapely redhead, but the man, young and good-looking, had eyes only for Dina. His date chattered on, oblivious that her man’s interest was trained on the woman just yards away. Samuel wanted to punch the man’s face in.

Then he caught Dina’s expression as she seemed to notice the whole thing, a small smile playing on her lips. Samuel couldn’t hold back a chuckle. Leaning close to her ear, he said, “He wants you. Do you like feeling his eyes on you, desiring you?”

Dina felt a chill of pleasure shimmer down her spine at his throaty voice in her ear. “I guess I’m used to it,” she said with a shrug. “I haven’t been a model that long…but I’m aware that being the target of male attention comes with the territory.”

Samuel felt that unexpected coil of jealousy tighten his gut once more. He hated the thought of any man wanting or watching her. He hated the fact that she’d danced with anyone else tonight – in fact, he wanted to steal her away where no one else would find her, and where he’d ravish her to his utmost satisfaction.

Disgusted with his own possessive notions, he turned and downed the rest of his drink. From a man who loathed clinging, jealous females, he was showing too much of the green-eyed monster where Dina was concerned.

“Men can’t always help it that they are visual beings, easily moved by the provocation that catches their eye,” Samuel murmured, again in her ear. Did he imagine she shuddered slightly in response?

“Yet with you, something strikes me as unique,” Dina said, surprising him. She turned to face him fully, her beautiful dark brown eyes twinkling. “When your eyes rest on me, I don’t find it creepy or leering like most admirers I’ve encountered. You’re…different.”

She had his complete attention now, as he asked huskily, “How so?”

Dina ran her forefinger around the rim of her glass, before lifting the finger to vaguely tap at her lush-looking lips. “Other men just make me feel…dirty. But when you look at me, I feel like you are an art appraiser, surveying a canvas that appeals to him.”