Samuel didn’t seem to mind that they were the center of attention the moment they both stepped on the floor – and neither did Dina. They started to dance and the music, the thrill, never felt so good. It took mere minutes for Dina to discover she’d lost the bet, because Samuel was way better than she imagined – way better than anyone she’d come across tonight. He had that masculine grace that made every move seem suited to his tall, fit frame. He matched Dina easily and even taught her a thing or two about stepping to the beat.

“I’ll admit, you really are good,” Dina conceded when they left the dance floor to several cheers from onlookers. She smiled cheekily at Samuel. “But it’s still a win-win for me. I got to dance with the hottest and best dancer in the club tonight.”

“And we’re all set for another go,” rumbled Samuel in her ear as he leaned close for a moment. Dina’s breath caught at the effect of his nearness, and the way she caught his delicious manly scent. It wasn’t just cologne, but his natural essence that was so sexy and raw. Her heart began to pound and suddenly everything felt too tight. Her dress, her chest, her nipples. Unable to speak, she watched him cross the room to have a talk with the DJ.

When he was back, he had two refreshing drinks in his hand. Dina gratefully sipped, while sending him a suspicious glance at the smile that played mysteriously on his lips. “Now what?”

“You’ll see,” was his enigmatic reply. “I think I’m about to surprise you a whole lot more.”

Dina was bubbling with anticipation. What could the surprise be?

Minutes later, when the DJ finished the last song, he turned off the music to make an announcement. He was about to invite a celebrity on the decks, he said, and the crowd charged up when he added, “Enjoy this DJ set from none other than my man Samuel Franklin!”

Dina’s mouth fell open in surprise, and she watched wide-eyed as, leaving her with a sly wink, her companion shouldered his way through the cheering crowd to the deck.

“I didn’t plan on DJ-ing tonight, but this is for someone special,” Samuel said into the microphone, and hearing that sexy voice magnified had Dina’s crotch heating with moisture. She could only stare on in delight, catching his eye for a moment and realizing he was talking about her.

She definitely found it another utter surprise to discover that Samuel could really DJ. It wasn’t just him pressing play on one track then letting it finish before he played the next. He really had the skills, not that Dina knew much about that but from the way the star-studded crowd responded and just the way he handled the decks with confidence and passion, made it plain he was spinning things right.

Dina was dancing and cheering along with everyone right through to the end of the set. She loved every single song, and her eyes were shining with delight when Samuel finished. He spoke a word in the DJ’s ear and then moments later, stepped down from the decks to the wild applause from the crowd.

Several of the ladies swarmed up to him, many of them recognizable as the hottest socialites and heiresses. But he politely and quickly brushed them aside before making his way back to Dina, who was smiling shyly.

When he reached her, the music changed from upbeat to subtler and sexier in tempo. Dina gasped as Samuel spun her into his arms.

He drew her up close against him, his eyes pinned to hers. “My dance, I believe,” he rumbled, that smoky voice making her skin heat up again. Everyone else at the club seemed to drift away, as her body felt the power and sensuality that surged from his.

Dina’s breathing was shallow, her eyelids fluttering low as the slow and grinding music took her away. Samuel’s touch made her come alive, his hands on hips urging her to rotate them far more erotically and suggestively than she would have dared. She trailed her hands over his broad chest, then draped her arms over his equally muscular shoulders. Her breasts tingled as they pressed against his torso. He made her feel so small and precious, a feat few men could achieve since she was so tall.

His fingers tightened on her slender waist, his lips warm and intoxicating as he nuzzled her throat. Fighting off the feeling of lightheadedness his overpowering masculine aura induced, Dina laughed softly and whispered in his ear, “Looks like I’ve been outmaneuvered. I didn’t even know people still slow-danced.”

“Look around, baby girl. No one’s complaining,” he rumbled, grazing her lobe with those tempting lips, right before he nipped gently on it and made her panties sizzle.

True, everyone else around them was just as tightly wedged with their partners, the floor lights dimmed and the space even more crowded than before. Dina didn’t mind at all that it caused a lot more contact between her and Samuel. In her opinion, the closer the better. She liked how being close to him felt.