It brought out another side of her she didn’t expect. A more daring, confident Dina, who grew more seductive as she swayed and dipped. Breaking from him briefly, she spun slowly around, her arms lifting in the air to clasp around his neck as he tugged her up close against him from behind. The dance went on, the shadows building along with the erotic tension swirling around them like a bubble. Dina’s head fell back and she leaned even more against Samuel, feeling him enclosing her in his sweet enchantment.

Something about it all was so…comforting. Dina had never felt this sense of safety with a man before. Even from a man who hinted of such dangerous energy as Samuel Franklin. Rich, handsome, a player. Every other woman here would give anything to be the one with him tonight. Dina reveled in the knowledge that she was the one who’d seized his focus.

“I love this song,” Dina breathed, loud enough for Samuel to hear as she turned her face to his. Their lips almost brushed…just an inch more and they’d kiss. It felt delicious, holding back just that bit…sharpening her desire…and his.

“Nothing like a Sade tune to set the mood,” said Samuel, his warm breath sweet and husky. “Though I have to admit – you made me earn my keep tonight. I only meant to show up, not actually work up a sweat with DJ-ing.”

“Don’t worry…I plan to make it up to you,” she whispered daringly in his ear.

Shit. Samuel felt the throb in his crotch get fiercer. Her scent drove him wild, and feeling her lushness fit so perfectly against his hardness blew his mind. Digging his fingers slightly deeper into her flesh, he could bet her skin would feel just as silky as the slinky fabric of her dress. It took all his willpower not to shift his hands up and grab her full, rounded breasts.

“Don’t tempt me,” he growled in her ear. “More than you have already. That could be dangerous.”

So why do I feel more excited than scared? “I don’t make promises I can’t keep,” Dina replied, her heart pounding at her own boldness. What has come over me? Oh wait – she knew the answer. Samuel Franklin. He’d embedded himself within her system, imprinted his influence on her psyche so that she was picturing all sorts of wrong, right things she could do with him. Ooh, she was in so much trouble this time.

Dina didn’t care that they might be photographed together by the gossip mongers. They could make of this whatever they wanted. People might speculate, and she might seem like just another groupie wrapped around the billionaire hottie. Samuel made her feel special, different from any of the other models he could easily have chosen to be with right then.

The sultry number ended and some fast music came on again, but Samuel didn’t let go of Dina. The beat was wild and thumping, much like the way Dina felt inside. She didn’t protest, instead swaying sensually against Samuel, resting her hands on the strong arms wrapped around her waist.

Two more songs, Dina promised inwardly to herself. She’d linger within this fantasy bubble for just that bit longer. She didn’t want to think of afterward, and just what she might be inclined to do. She’d sensed Samuel’s arousal, felt it envelope her in dark, velvety swirls. Against her rear was the unmistakable rigidness of his desire. She couldn’t play dumb and not know that he wanted her. Possibly as much as she wanted him…which was more than she’d ever wanted any man, ever.

The throbbing bass flowed through her system, urging her to move as hormones and alcohol took control. Keeping her body pressed against Samuel’s, Dina twisted her hips provocatively while her hands trailed up into her thick, dark long hair.

Samuel joined in her sensual movements, burying his nose in her neck, pinning her tighter to him as her rounded ass pressed into his groin. The flashes of strobe lighting made the surroundings seem surreal, the crowd becoming one faraway outline of shadows that left Samuel and Dina in their own world.

Dina heard Samuel groan beneath his breath as she circled her hips more boldly. She turned her face into his neck and kissed his skin. Mmm, his sweat tasted so good. A smile teased Dina’s lips, feeling his erection’s full force as it strained against her derriere.

Those strong hands on her hips guided her movements and ensured they moved as one. Dina was panting now, her underwear getting soaked at the sensations rocking her nerve cells. It was like they were making love right there on the dance floor, their bodies so tightly wedged it felt like no barriers were between them.

Recklessly turned on, she lifted her face closer to his and sought his lips. “Kiss me. Touch me.”

Oh God. Had those words really come from her lips? Dina didn’t recognize herself right now, but couldn’t seem to hold back.