“No. If I start, I won’t be able to stop,” Samuel said huskily against her lips. “And that could get us both arrested, considering we’re in public.”

“Samuel.” Her tone was a plea, an invitation.

“I never lose control. But with you, I see myself starting to go crazy. I want you, Dina. In ways that might not even be legal,” he whispered warningly in her ear.

“I don’t care,” she panted.

Samuel didn’t reply, but took her hand and then suddenly they were walking off the dance floor. They headed back to their VIP table and along the way, people kept stopping Samuel to talk to him or take photos. His hand never let go of Dina’s, and as the fog of lust slowly cleared from her mind, she tried to withdraw her fingers but he held on fast.

Dina didn’t know what she felt about being rejected. She’d all but offered herself up to him, yet he’d chosen not to respond and was possibly about to dump her back on her friends. Had she played herself too easy? She’d been so sure he was into her. Maybe he did want her, but she wasn’t really his type. Even just for tonight, he possibly had someone else in mind, and had just been messing around with Dina.

Angrily, she tugged at his hand for him to let go. When he turned and settled that cornflower-blue gaze on her, Dina went still and her breath caught. What was it about him, that just one look had her tongue-tied and lightheaded with desire?

She was shameless for wanting him so much, when she wasn’t so sure anymore where they stood. If he’d tired of the game, why didn’t he just let her slip away to mend her pride in peace?

Someone drew his attention again, this time the owner of the club. Dina’s mind wandered and she didn’t hear what was said. She went over her past life and relationships. How cheesy everything seemed now. Her former lovers and boyfriends had never inspired this much dark, hungry need in her. She couldn’t remember ever being made so full of desire for someone that she was shaking, breathless. She looked around as if lost, wishing she could understand what was happening to her, yet afraid of the answer.

She was snapped back to reality when Samuel reached up to turn her face up to his. He stared deep into her eyes. “A few more minutes, and we can leave. I’m only trying to give you a chance to change your mind. Yet something tells me that’s not going to happen.”

“I guess hearing the word ‘no’ is hardly a steady occurrence for you,” Dina said, glad to have her wits back, thanks to his cocky words. “What if I surprise you?”

Samuel merely smiled, the look in his eyes telling her he knew the truth, that she was too far gone for pulling any surprises like telling him no and walking away from this. But was Dina truly ready to take that final, bold step? Once she gave in, there’d be no way to reverse things. She also knew that if she said no, she’d possibly regret it forever.

Just then, her friends showed up next to her, and they were very much still in high spirits and ready to take the party elsewhere. “There’s a really awesome bar we’re going to check out. You coming?” Iliana asked, grabbing Dina’s arm.

It was then Dina realized that Samuel’s hold had dropped from hers. She was free to go if she wished, it seemed. He stood right next to her but she didn’t even need to look his way to know what she wanted. Gently extricating her arm from Iliana’s, Dina shook her head and said they should go on without her.

Iliana actually looked shocked for a moment. Dina had never broken off from the group while they were together. Slowly, Iliana shifted her gaze from Dina to Samuel, understanding dawning on her features.

“Oh, well then. That’s cool,” Iliana said with a breezy shrug. Then she leaned in to whisper teasingly in Dina’s ear, “Have a hot night!”

Heat suffused Dina’s cheeks, and she quickly looked up at Samuel. Thankfully he hadn’t seemed to overhear Iliana’s cheeky words. Dina heaved a sigh that quickly turned to inner panic as she watched her friends disappear.

But when she turned to Samuel this time, his eyes were no longer as passive as before and held a gleam of approval. No words needed to be said. It was enough she was standing there. No running, no hiding or doubting. Samuel Franklin was too compelling a phenomenon to simply turn away from so hastily.

Dina had to find out what this all could mean.

Maybe a few hours of pleasure…possibly one night. But after that, she held no delusions. Someone else, someone even hotter, would take her place. He’d probably not even remember her name by this time tomorrow.

Dina told herself none of that mattered. When looking back on tonight, she just might regret her decision. It would hurt, most probably. But it would all be worth it.

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