“Yes,” he growls. “I had to leave before I filled that place between your thighs with my cock. Your soft girl part is where my come goes. Not the ground or into my hand. I had to leave before I put it there without permission.” He drops his arm away to reveal blazing eyes. “I don’t know how much longer I can control myself, Diana. Maybe I am a beast. The things I think of doing to your little body…”

His honesty has rocked me back on my heels and sent a new, shivering awareness coursing through me. I’m hot everywhere. So hot. “You are not a beast, Ike,” I manage. “A beast would have taken what he wanted without thinking of the consequences.” I hook my fingers in the material of my panties and drag them down my legs. “I forgive you for peeking. I’m giving myself to you. I want you.”


Am I dreaming?

This beautiful female is giving herself to me. Freely.

Even though I peeked. Even though I admitted I’m losing control.

She is the bravest, sweetest, most perfect girl on this earth. I don’t need to meet a single other person to know that’s the truth. I only need her.

I need her forever.

And God, I need her so bad.

I crawl to her on my hands and knees, wrapping my arms around her hips and burying my face between her legs. I don’t know if this is the right way to proceed, but I’m desperate to match a taste to her scent and—

“Fuck. Oh fuck, you are perfect,” I moan, delving my tongue into the wet, petal-like folds. “Yes, this is what I smelled, Diana. Wet girl. My wet girl.”

Still on my knees, I walk her backward until she falls onto the pallet with a gasp. I keep her thighs spread with my hands and study her pink flesh. As I suspected, it’s been created to correspond with a man. There are two smooth layers that part to reveal a shadowed area, a glistening hole, and while I’m worried I might hurt Diana getting my cock to fit there, I will get it in. It’s the only way to claim her and calm this possessive storm inside me. Mine. This female is mine.

I’m getting ready to lick her some more when I notice a button amongst the folds and I prod it curiously with my tongue.

Diana’s back arches off the pallet. “Oh. Ohhhhhh.”

My brows knit together. This sound she makes is very similar to the one I make when I’m massaging my cock. Using my fingers to spread Diana open, I lean in and lick that nub again again again and she fists my hair, dragging me closer, writhing her damp little parts against my mouth.

“That feels so good. Please. P-please don’t stop.”

“Yet another lie I have uncovered, Diana. You can feel pleasure.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I…I knew I could feel pleasure, I’ve just never tried it on myself. Oh, please, just do it again.”

“As if I could stop,” I snarl, my chest puffing with purpose. This knowledge, that I can gratify my mate, is even more intoxicating than taking my own release. Yes. Yes. This is my new purpose. Licking Diana’s… “What is this called?” I ask, tonguing the little bud and feeling her juices run down my chin. Heaven. “What is this pink button called that makes you squirm for Ike?”

Her stomach hollows and shakes. “It’s my clit.”

“Clit,” I breathe, rubbing it in a circle with my thumb. “Such a pretty, little clit you have, Diana. Does it like my tongue?”


“Good. Maybe I’ll lick it morning, noon and night. Would you like that?” My hips move up and back, dragging my hard cock against the bedding. I could achieve relief this way, thrusting at the bunched blankets while I taste Diana’s girl part, but I force myself to stop, knowing I will be unhappy loosing my seed anywhere but her tight hole.

At the mental reminder of her wet entrance, I find it with my finger and twist the digit inside, grunting at how snug she is. I am having trouble getting my finger inside her, let alone my cock. My tongue continues to lap at her clit while I struggle to work in a second finger, hoping to prepare her for what’s coming. I’m reveling in the shape and texture of her nub, the whining sounds it brings out of her mouth, when Diana begins to pulse and constrict around my fingers.

“What is this, Diana? What is happening?”

She pulls at my hair. “Don’t stop!”

Mobilized by the desperation in her tone, likening it to mine when I have to empty my balls, I push my fingers deep and writhe my tongue against her clit, hard, fast, harder, faster. And when she screams, her thighs shaking around my head, I feel a gush of moisture on my lips and know I’ve brought off my female.

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