I lick her through the throes of her pleasure, then I rear up and pound my chest with both fists. “My female is satisfied.” I shove down the waistband of my pants and fall between her thighs, shuddering with need so strong I’ve never experienced its equal. “Now you will take my seed.”

“Yes,” she moans, petting her breasts, her eyes open on me in something akin to awe. “I have to please you, too. I need it.”

I reach down and grip my cock, shoving the fat tip against her small hole, rubbing in circles to gather moisture, knowing instinctively we’re going to need as much as we can get. “You are my fate, Diana. That’s how I know you will be able to take my cock,” I murmur against her mouth, taking it in a slow, wet mating of tongues. “Fate would not bring us together if I couldn’t fit. It is not that cruel.”

She nods vigorously and settles her small hands on my shoulders. “Will you keep kissing me?”

“Forever. For all of my days,” I say, pressing my cock inside her hole. It is nearly impossible not to throw my head back and roar over her tightness, how it strangles my cock, but I fight through the gratifying sensations and make love to her mouth, swallowing her little sounds of distress—and eventually her scream when I plow all the way forward, filling her to the hilt. Wrapped in her incredible snugness, I can no longer hold in my bellow of possession. It rips through the cave and I start to thrust. “MINE. MINE. MINE.”

“Ike,” she sobs, her small breasts bouncing with each of my crude pumps. “It feels so good. How can it feel so good?”

“Because you’re the reason I have a cock, tiny human,” I rasp, my drives growing more aggressive, wet sounds bouncing off the walls of the cave. “Open your legs and receive it. Know that it was built just for your virgin girl parts. And your parts are all mine now. I will lick you and fill you with my spend. You are mine, soft, tight, beautiful girl. You are mine, Diana!”

I am going to blow. My lower back pulls taut with strain, my balls hiked up against my body, plump and full. Needing to empty. Wanting badly to feel Diana’s release again, while I’m inside her this time, I reach down and tease her clit with my fingertips and she jerks, eyes widening. Yes.

“Ike,” she wails, her pinned hips trying to roll beneath me, but my weight mostly preventing her. Though, she doesn’t seem to mind. Quite the opposite. My instinct tells me my female likes being held down, so I give her some more of my weight and pound my cock into her without restraint. My God, my God, she’s hot and dripping wet. Her hole is my salvation. The pressure inside me is more powerful than it has ever been before, because I am looking at the most beautiful, most exquisite person on this earth. FUCK. She’s tight. She’s so goddamn tight and smooth around me and I can’t stop my peak from hitting any longer.

Bearing down on top of her as I am, my cock slides against her clit over and over, but the promise of relief has me grinding down on her nub, growling against her parted lips, burying myself into her so deep, I can feel the vibration of her scream when she finds her pleasure again. “Oh God,” she moans, her pupils growing until they block out the blue in her eyes. “Ike! Oh…y-yes. Yes!”

My balls erupt in the face of her satisfaction and filling her with my seed is like conquering the earth. “Diana!” I bellow, humping her furiously, my spend splashing in every direction, soaking the bedding and coating her ass, her thighs. And I cannot stop ramming into her, watching her breasts shake, listening to her encouraging gasps of my name. “You are claimed now. You will spread your legs for only me. You will allow only me inside this girl hole.”

“Only you,” she breathes, her eyes losing focus. “Only Ike.”

Finally, the storm inside me begins to subside and with my female limp and satisfied beneath me on the bed, I straighten and rap my fist against my chest—four, five, six times—while looking down upon her. My seed leaks from her folds, her thighs glistening and red from friction, her mouth swollen from our rough kissing. “I live for you,” I lean down and whisper against her ear. “Sleep now, Diana, knowing you are safe and your man is watching over you.”

To my eternal happiness, she smiles drowsily at me and snuggles into the abundance of sheets, her gorgeous, rosy body curling up, her lips parting a moment later with the deep, even breathing of sleep.

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