“Oh, Diana. My Diana. I am going to spill.”

I suck him deep with hollow cheeks and moan around his length, letting him know I want it. My eyes tell him without words that I want nothing more than to taste his release and to let it go. Give it to me.

And he does.

His head falls back, leaving me with a view of his strong neck column, the way it flexes with his guttural cry of relief. His big hips drive forward and back, stuffing my mouth full of his draining erection, and I savor every single sensation, every drop. My jaw is sore by the time he finishes, but when he lifts me into his arms and holds me so tightly to his chest, I can barely breathe, it’s worth the discomfort and then some.

It’s only then I remember the two yokels watching from shore. They both stand in open-mouthed shock as Ike splashes through the stream toward the waterfall. Holding their gazes, I lick my lips and snuggle closer to Ike.

“Duck your head,” Ike instructs, still sounding winded.

I do as he says and we pass through a waterfall into a shallow cave.


Sunlight is refracted off the water, creating a rainbow hue and the colors light up the entire cave. We’re hidden by the blue/white curtain of water and the roar is soothing, wonderful, matching the sound my heart is making.

“Ike,” I whisper, pressing my lips to his chin. “Is it too soon to love you?”

His expression is hopeful and incredulous at the same time. “You just took me in your mouth, Diana. Shouldn’t I be the one who is declaring his love?”

“I don’t know,” I say, laughing.

He turns me upright and my feet dangle as he presses my back against the smooth, marble-esque cave wall. “You are my universe. You are in my blood,” Ike rasps urgently into my ear. “I will worship and protect you all my life. I love you more than any man will ever love anything. Anyone.” He plants kisses all over my face, my neck, my hair. “I love you more with every breath I take. No, every breath you take. Your breaths keep you alive and so I love them, too.”

Hot moisture presses behind my eyes. “I love you. I love you.”

“You will stay with me here.”


His smile is my undoing. I drag his face down for a kiss and we ignite.

Last night, Ike was learning his way around my body—and I his—but apparently we’re both quick studies. He slides me up the slippery cave wall until his mouth is level with my breasts, then he rips the cloth bikini down the middle with his teeth, letting it dangle for a moment, eyes glittering, before it drops. “Mine,” he says hoarsely, devouring the sight of my breasts. “Do these have a dirty name, Diana?”

Lord, he’s so hard where he presses between my thighs, I can barely concentrate enough to answer. “Tits,” I whisper, just as his tongue rakes over my nipple greedily, lapping at the tight point as if it’s providing him sustenance.

“Your tits make my cock so hard.” He thrusts up into the juncture of my thighs roughly. “I molded them in my hands last night as you slept until I spilled in our bed.” He cups my left breast and brings it to his mouth, suckling noisily. “They will feed our sons and daughters one day, Diana. Yes?”

At the moment, I can think of nothing more beautiful than my stomach swelling with this man’s child. I’ve never even thought of having children. Not until Ike. Now the future seems so full and bright and imminent. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Ike shouts his satisfaction over my answer, his fist pounding the cave wall, before dropping to my bikini bottoms and twisting them in his grip, tearing them from my body. “Am I going to hurt your little pussy if I fuck you so soon after our first mating, Diana?”

“No, I need you, Ike. Please,” I breathe, running my tongue across his mighty shoulders and over his bulging pectorals. “I guess you don’t need recovery time…?”

His cocky smirk is so sexy, it makes me shudder with lust. I writhe on his shaft mindlessly, making a humming sound I’ve never heard from my own mouth. I can’t touch him enough, kiss his powerful body enough, can’t rub our skin together in enough places, and when Ike finally positions himself at my entrance and thrusts deep, I scream in pleasure.

Ike lets loose a guttural moan into my neck, his hands kneading my butt like dough. He pulls me off the wall and croons gentle words in my ear, as if trying to settle me down, but that is not happening. I’m impaled on a foot-long erection and with every second that ticks past, I become more of a fiend for Ike. My breathing is out of control and I’m whimpering, whining, bucking my hips.

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