“Diana,” he pushes through clenched teeth, his expression awed. “Look at you wiggling around in search of your pleasure, when I’ve only just washed your blood away. You are a miracle.”

“No. You are.” I grasp his shoulders and lean back, working my hips, letting him watch me grind on his manhood. “You belong inside me.”

“Yes. Every day. Forever,” he growls, his grip turning punishing on my backside. “I love this. I loved holding you down and fucking you, feeling you shake beneath me. But I love this, too. Watching you…ride me. Can you…”

“Can I have an orgasm like this?”

“Orgasm,” he whispers, licking his lips eagerly. “That is the word for release?”

I nod vigorously, still cinching my hips up and back, moaning when my clit finds the base of his arousal and I push down—press—moving side to side. “Yes.”

Taking my mouth in a feverish kiss, Ike walks us over to a small, waist-high outcropping and sits, grunting with his lips peeled back, over and over again, while I pump my hips desperately striving for my peak. “You are barely half my size and yet, you are a fierce little thing when you’re on my cock, aren’t you, Diana?” He closes his hands over my breasts, abrading my nipples with slow circles of his calloused palms. “Tell me what your orgasm feels like, from beginning to end. I will be an expert in your pleasure. I will fuck orgasms out of you each day, as sure as the sun rises.”

Does he know what his filthy speech is doing to me? I crave his raw honesty, this sexuality we share. It’s uninhibited and real and ours. “I-I…oh. I’m almost there!”

Ike’s attention is rapt on my face. “What is happening to your body?”

“My…m-my breasts. Don’t stop touching them.” Without waiting for me to finish, Ike fastens his mouth over my right nipple, alternating between crude sucks and flicking his tongue against the pointed bud. “And my—”

“Your clit,” he rasps, sliding his blunt thumb between my folds and massaging my swollen nub with big sweeps, before they grow more concentrated and yes, yes, yes exactly what I need. “Your pussy, Diana. It is clamping down on me. Fuuuuuck. It’s tighter than I can stand,” he gasps, pressing down hard with his thumb on my clit and raking his teeth over my left nipple. “Give my cock its reward. Give me that fucking orgasm of yours. I need it. I own it.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” I scream, the pressure building to an unbearable degree, before release rakes through me, making me clench and shake. Turning me inside out. “Ike. I love you. I love you. Ike!”

My world shifts as Ike stands, lifting me with his shaft still lodged deeply inside me. Before I can guess his intention, he tosses one of my limp legs over his head and spins me around on his lap until I’m facing away from him, my feet dangling two feet above the cave floor. “Can I fuck you like this, tiny person?” He growls into my neck. “Can I stick my cock into your wet, little parts from behind?”

“Seems like it shouldn’t be a problem,” I gasp. “You already have.”

I’m just a rag doll from that point on—and it’s glorious. He wraps his mighty arms around my middle and pumps into me so hard, I have to bite down on my lip to keep them from clacking together. My bottom glides up and down his ridged stomach and the sound of his balls smacking my sweaty flesh echoes in the cave. Before I know it, another storm gathers in my belly and I’m canting my hips back to meet his thrusts, begging, whining, chanting his name.

“Mine to marry. Mine to feed. Mine to fuck and give orgasms. Mine to get pregnant,” he bellows into the cave. “Mine mine mine. Diana is mine.”

“Yes,” I sob, his lap slapping into my backside and stealing my breath, along with my sanity. My climax almost hurts, it comes on so swiftly and with such intensity, I can only arch my back and let it happen. Let the rush steal through me and blank my senses, except for touch. “Oh. Oh God!”

Ike moans long and loud, then pushes his manhood deep inside me, holding me suspended in the air while grinding furiously against my core. His body jerks violently and wet warmth flows from his body into mine, making me feel claimed. Complete. He clutches me tightly to his chest and pounds his hips up over and over, his release overflowing and sluicing down my thighs, dripping off my ankles.

Long minutes seem to pass while he finishes and then my equilibrium is thrown off kilter again. I’m not sure my feet have touched the ground for the last hour, but I don’t care when I’m bring cradled to Ike’s heaving chest and he’s laying adoring kisses on every inch of my face.

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