Still, I nudge her neck with my mouth and warm her exposed skin with my hands, arranging blankets around her for maximum comfort. And after what seems like hours, she finally rolls over and—though she is pouting—she cuddles into my chest. My heart explodes with happiness and relief.

“We will go to the village, Diana,” I whisper into her hair. “We will save the animals and then I will bring you back home.”

Her smile steals my breath. “It will be fine. You’ll see. I’m not leaving you.”

“I know,” I say, rubbing circles into her back. “I know.”

But the doubt doesn’t go away. Not even when Diana’s mouth kisses down my stomach and closes around my cock, humping her little pussy against my thigh while she draws the come from my balls, her hair in a mess on my belly, her lips stretching as she descends down and sucks her way up to the bulging tip. Her hands ride up and down my pole with something akin to worship and when I finally drain myself into her sweet mouth, I forget my fears for those blessed moments and roll us over, fucking into her mouth from above like a savage, encouraged by the way she grips my thrusting buttocks and moans wildly.

As soon as my immense pleasure hits, I crawl down her body and lick her pussy like a slavering beast, desperate for her pleasure as well as her forgiveness. I’m gratified to find out she was brought nearly to the brink from having my cock in her mouth and in only a minute, she is letting her juices out onto my tongue.

She falls asleep quickly, my arm and leg draped over her small figure.

I stay awake much longer, worrying about what the morning will bring.

I enjoy rounding up the Farley brothers more than I should have.

They have plagued my life since I was a boy learning to cope alone in the hills. In the beginning, I allowed them to steal my food in the hopes that they would one day return the kindness, if needed. After all, their parents had left them in the woods as teens and never returned. I could have sympathy for that. It took me almost a year before I realized they were nothing but irredeemable asses.

I probably could have tolerated their antics forever if they hadn’t spoken to my Diana with disrespect. Now they will face the law of the village.

I had some time overnight to think about Diana’s reasoning and must admit she was right. It is not right to allow animals and the people of her town to suffer when we could put a stop to the carnage and thievery. Still, I cannot help but be nervous that Diana will forsake me in favor of modern comforts. She is a soft, little princess that deserves a palace, not a cave.

“I will give her one,” I say to myself, stopping outside the Farleys’ hovel, which is a much shallower cave than mine, the mouth covered with hanging muslin. “If she stays with me, I will build her a better, safer home. I’ll fill it with pillows for her to lie on and—”

One of the Farleys sticks his head out between the muslin. “What the hell are you doing he—”

I punch him in the jaw. He flies a good five feet and lands on the forest floor unconscious. “Damn,” I growl, crackling my knuckles. “That felt good.”

It takes me no time at all to rouse the other idiot from his bed. While he rubs the sleep from his eyes, I take a quick scan of the hovel and confirm they are definitely the thieves. There are chicken bones and bloody rags strewn about. Meat—the kind that is not available in these hills—rots on their stone table. Disgusted, I fashion ropes around his wrists while he whines, before leading him out to his disoriented brother and tying them together.

“My Diana wishes you to face the law,” I explain, dragging them along behind me as they sputter protests. “Be grateful, scum. My plan was to kill you.”

Diana is wearing a bright smile when I return and I ponder hitching the Farleys to a post outside my cave like horses while I take her back inside to lick her pussy to an orgasm, but she seems eager to travel down the hill to the village. A fact that does a lot to increase my worry.

She does, however, take my hand and pull me aside, out of earshot from the brothers. “I want to talk to you about something.”

My heart stutters. “Yes?”

Her hands run down my chest and back up. “I was thinking about how I reacted when I saw you in the woods for the first time and…well, it was your size that scared me mostly. You’re much larger than the average man and now…” She bites her lip and tucks her pinky finger into my loincloth. “Now your size it something I love about you. Quite a lot. Love.”